About Us

Hey there!

Eric, Lorena and JP here. We are the team behind the website. The reason why we created this site is because we often hear a lot of fellow Macbook Pro users complain their Macs running slow and have no idea how to optimize it.

We feel it’s our “responsibility” to share some expertise on how to properly solve the problems (ideally without taking the Macs to Apple Stores/computer repair shops). We also share tips and tricks to help fix general Mac issues you may face during everyday use.

We are advocates of Apple, and we’ve been using Macbook Pros for many years, thus we have gained certain knowledge about Macintosh computers. Sharing is caring. If you find any of our guides and tips helpful, please share on social media — we highly appreciate it.

We are located in San Francisco, California (though now we may be hanging out in different corners of the world). If you have any questions about us, or the content on this website, we strongly urge you to contact us as we reply to all emails.

We hope you enjoy the content on this site. Enjoy the journey with your Macbook Pro!