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Hello Mac fans!

Thanks for visiting this site, a resource hub offering tips and guides about MacBook Pros. We are general Mac users just like you, and we have some knowledge and hands-on experience fixing many types of MacBook performance issues. We also share general tricks and tips about fixing common macOS-related issues during our everyday use.

Why This Site?

Apple has produced many great products over the years, and most of the time, there aren’t any serious issues. But those that do can really bug the hell out of people. 

You probably have experienced before that your MacBook is running slow and you can’t quite figure out the reasons why. Or that in the Storage breakdown, a category named “Others” or “System Data” consumed a significant portion of the available memory space, and you couldn’t figure out what is to remove. Adding insult to injury when you are pinged for running out of memory!

We understand the frustration from our own experience and the people around us, and it can sometimes make us lose faith in Apple products – which you probably have seen those comments on Facebook.

Being a strong Apple advocate, we kinda feel it’s our “responsibility” (shamelessly) to share some tips and guides that can work to help solve the problems. So you don’t have to visit an Apple Genius Bar or a computer repair shop.

Besides, learning how to do it yourself can provide a lot of joy as the process of trial and error, and seeing nasty technical issues getting fixed by your own effort is highly rewarding! At least that is how we feel about it, and we hope you would feel the same as well.

Who We Are?

Eric currently uses a 15-inch MacBook Pro (2017) for both work and personal errands. He did all the research and testing to make sure all the fixes and optimization tips shared on the blog are relevant to Apple’s latest macOS updates as well as fact-checking. Being a huge supporter of Apple, you can be sure that he owns the latest Apple AirPods Pro and Max – have any AirPods to MacBook connectivity issues? You bet he has answers to it.

Lorena holds a 13-inch Touch Bar MacBook Pro with Apple M1 Chip. Her role involves editorial management from writing to editing and ensuring that the articles are informative, useful, and relevant to readers who have little to no technical knowledge. She also takes feedback from readers and makes sure the blog continues to be the best source for anyone who faces MacBook Pro performance issues.

We also have an old mid-2012 MacBook Pro with a traditional spinning hard drive, but it’s shown its age and we decide to put it in our “mini tech museum” at home.

If you find our tips and guides helpful, the best way to show your appreciation is by sharing them. Telling your friends about it, and perhaps leave a comment on our articles.

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If you have any questions about the content on this website, please feel free to contact us. We may not be able to reply to you promptly, but we’ll try our best.