7 Best Keyboard Covers for MacBook Pro in 2024

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Does it ever feel like the space between the keys on your keyboard is comparable to the space between the couch cushions?

Stuff gets lost in there way too easily, it’s near impossible to get out, and it can get pretty nasty.

It may seem like the only solution is to never eat within a ten-foot radius of your MacBook Pro, or to carefully dust and wipe the keys every evening with some sort of magic solution.

However, there’s a much easier way to solve this problem — a keyboard cover (often called a keyboard skin). Keyboard skins lay flush over your keys and are usually made of silicone, allowing them to be removed and cleaned very easily.

In addition to protecting your keys from spills, drops, and dust, keyboard covers prevent overall wear and tear (such as the letters from rubbing off) by protecting the surface of the keys from typical use and any contaminants that make it unnoticed onto your fingers.

Quick Summary

  • Just got the latest 14-inch or 16-inch MacBook Pro (2021 model), the UPPERCASE GhostCover offers a premium ultra thin keyboard protector that covers your keys without drawing any unnecessary attention.
  • If you’re feeling a little bolder, try the silicone Batianda Ombre Color Keyboard Cover which is available in many bright colors and a bit more durable.
  • Headed for stylish? All-inside Ombre Color Keyboard Skin offers a sleek design that protects your keys from liquid and dust without sacrificing quality.
  • Using an old 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar? Get KECC Keyboard Cover Skin as it’s made specifically for these new models.​

Who Should Get This

Almost everyone would be better off with a keyboard cover protecting his or her MacBook Pro. A keyboard protector helps prevent the accumulation of grime on your keyboard, protect it from any accidents, and keep the real keyboard safe under a thin, often noticeable layer.

Also, keyboard skins are convenient and can be as stylish or invisible as you want. The only person we wouldn’t recommend a keyboard cover is one perhaps allergic to silicone (which is what most are made of) or has some sort of other pressing concern — though it’s hard to imagine any.

Best MacBook Pro Keyboard Cover: Top Picks

Below is a list of our top recommendations, along with a quick review of each item so you get to know its pros and cons.

1. UPPERCASE GhostCover Premium (for 14-inch & 16-inch 2021 Models Only)

Carefully tested for not interfering with Touch ID, the UPPERCASE GhostCover fits precisely to the latest MacBook Pro 2021 models (both 14-inch and 16-inch).

The clear design is almost invisible on top of your MacBook so your keyboard backlight could shine through. Plus, it’s completely reusable and washable.


  • Clear design is near unnoticeable on top of your keys.
  • It allows backlit keys to shine through the cover.
  • Not intefere with Touch ID.


  • Typing on thermoplastic urethane instead of classic keys can take some getting used to.

2. Batianda Ombre Color (for 16-inch 2019 & 13-inch 2020 Models Only)

Coming in many prints and patterns, the Batianda skin is made with bold in mind. The silicone skin is very thin, so you’ll barely feel it while you type and you can still make a statement with the various available colors.

It fits the keys nicely but be sure not to remove and replace it too much or it will stretch out and lose its snugness. Plus, there are multiple colors available.


  • Available in a plethora of designs, allowing you to personalize your MacBook Pro with ease.
  • Thin and weighs only a little over an ounce.
  • Very easy to clean and fits the keys perfectly.


  • Backlighting is easily blocked by the colored pattern.

3. Allinside Keyboard Cover Skin (for 16-inch 2019 & 13-inch 2020 Models Only)

If you are holding a 16″ MacBook Pro 2019 or the 13″ 2020 model, and you’re looking for a cover that looks clean, this model from All-inside comes in a variety of peaceful ombres that add style without going overboard. Water and dust proof, it’ll keep your keys safe underneath.


  • Gorgeous design that will fit your MacBook snuggly and add style without clashing with the rest of the room.
  • Protects effectively against liquid and dust.


  • Silicone may leave an oily residue on keys if both the cover and the keyboard are not regularly cleaned.

4. KECC Keyboard Cover (for 13-inch & 15-inch 2016-2019 Models)

This cover is specially designed to fit any old MacBook Pro (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 models) with Touch Bar, 13-inch, and 15-inch. Note that this is a super slim cover that makes it easier for you to type, and you’ll find the characters clearly printed on the keyboard skin.


  • It does its job and you don’t have too many options.
  • It’s durable and beautiful as you will find each key is specifically printed for better recognition.
  • A bit cheaper than most other options.


  • It may take you a little extra time getting used to the printed characters.

5. Kuzy Ultra-Thin Cover (for 13″ & 15″ 2016/2017/2018/2019 Models)

If you are looking for an easy solution to covering up your keyboard without affecting its performance, this Ultra-Thin Kuzy cover could be the perfect option.

It’s only 0.12mm thick, which is one of the thinnest options out there. It also has a molded fit that wraps around each key flawlessly for excellent coverage and protection. 

You’ll get a barrier against dust, spills, and normal wear and tear at a super-affordable price. 


  • Ultra-thin design allows for a molded fit that doesn’t affect keyboard performance.
  • There are three different color options to choose.


  • Colored models can show signs of wear relatively quickly. 

6. CaseBuy Ultra (for 13″ & 15″ 2016-2019 Models)

For an affordable and effective option that will keep your keyboard protected from dust, dirt, and other debris, the CaseBuy Ultra is recommended.

It’s made of a premium-grade TPU material that is highly durable while being thin and non-toxic. This cover measures in at only 0.13mm, which will barely be noticeable when you’re typing. It’s also washable so cleaning up all the dust and dirt it catches is easy. 


  • Affordable but still high-quality.
  • Very thin design that is soft to help eliminate key sound and improve waterproof and dustproof capabilities. 


  • Some users have complained of the cover not sticking well to the keyboard.

7. VFENG Premium (for MacBook 12″ & Pro 13″ No Touch Bar)

Another top option for a keyboard cover is the VFENG Premium. It will work nearly flawlessly with the MacBook 12″ and MacBook Pro 13″ without Touch Bar and gives you good protection against dirt and grime. 

It’s a little thicker at 0.3mm, but that enhances protection without making too much of an impact on performance. This cover is built to last and is easily washable and reusable when it eventually gets dirty. 


  • Compatible with many different old MacBooks without Touch Bar.
  • Premium grade silicone construction for excellent protection and durability.


  • A bit pricey compared to other options on this list.

How to Choose Keyboard Cover for Your MacBook Pro

Make sure to take the following factors into consideration, they will help narrow down the choices much more efficiently.


Always make sure to check the model of keyboard cover you’re interested in is sized correctly for your MacBook Pro!

Besides the obvious factors such as 15-inch / 16-inch models with numpads or additional keys, there is some variation in key spacing and key depth between some models so you’ll want to make sure you have the right one.

Additionally, make sure the cover matches the keyboard type you have, since MacBook Pros are available in many varieties besides a standard US keyboard, and these can have drastically different key layouts.


If you have super sensitive fingers or don’t like the feel of silicone, you’ll want to look for skins that are as thin as possible over the keys.

Alternatively, if you know you’re naturally clumsy and prone to spills, you might want something a bit sturdier that will give you more ease of mind. The thickness of the keyboard skin comes down to personal preference, but you should keep it in mind before you buy.


Obsessed with chroma and RGB? Prefer pandas? Want to match your hardshell case? Or would you rather leave your MacBook Pro’s keys appearing untouched? Due to their overall simplicity, keyboard skins offer a wide variety of customizations and give you space to really make your Mac your own.

If you find a product that meets all your practical requirements, always check if the vendor offers multiple colors, patterns, or designs for you to choose from.

Additional Tips & Resources

Once you have a keyboard cover, keeping your keys clean is a breeze. While you should still be removing the cover and cleaning both of them on a regular basis, it’s definitely less pressure. Learn more from this step-by-step guide by Apple.

Keep in mind that keyboard cover is taking the beating instead of your keys — not simply deflecting it. It needs to be cleaned gently as oils and crumbs build up. The process is super simple and shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes.

For some general tips on keeping your whole computer in peak shape, use this guide from New York Times for cleaning everything from the actual keyboard to the screen.

Best Keyboard Covers for MacBook Pro

Final Words

Keyboard covers are more than a neat decoration. They protect your powerful MacBook Pro from falling victim to slips and spills and keep things clean all around.

Do you have a favorite keyboard skin? Leave a comment and let us know.

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