The Best Mouse for MacBook Pro (Wireless & Wired Options) in 2020

The MacBook Pro is a powerful computer, but it’s common knowledge that any laptop trackpad can restrict your ability to work productively, especially if you have larger or shaky hands. Additionally, the trackpad limits some functionalities you would normally have with a mouse, such as an easy secondary click or programmable buttons.

Getting a mouse for your MacBook will allow you to maximize the use of your laptop while providing extra comfort and reduce strain on your hands. Since you have plenty of options, we’ll take you through some of the best products available and help you decide which mice or style is the best for you.

We also include some tips ​that you’ll probably find useful to keep your mice in good shape and make the most of your devices. Read on for more!

Quick Summary

If you prefer a mouse with:

Do I Need A Mouse for My MacBook?

If you haven’t already used a mice with your MacBook Pro, what are you waiting for? Almost everyone can benefit when taking a break from the trackpad in favor of the easier-to-operate mice. It will expand your workflow, provide additional functionality, and allow you to work in greater comfort.

A mouse might also be necessary if you work with complex software such as those for creative editing or engineering, where multiple click buttons are needed to properly execute commands.

However, we would like to acknowledge that some users might have less use for a mouse than others. If you travel frequently or work in uneven places a mouse will quickly become unwieldy, but you may still want to consider one for use at home.

Mice for MacBook Pro: What to Consider in 2020?


The size and shape of will greatly impact how you use it. Some mice come in “travel” sizes which can be easy to transport but difficult to use, whereas larger mice are more comfortable to work with but bulkier. You should consider when and where you plan to use it before deciding a style that works best. Additionally, mice come in several shapes that may be more or less beneficial depending on how you use your mouse. For example, gaming mice typically have a bit more grip and are sturdier whereas the minimalist Apple Magic Mouse works smoothly but is meant for less intense work.

Style and Tools

Every brand offers unique features to their mice. Everything from touch gestures to programmable buttons are available, but it’s up to you to determine which features you’ll actually use and which will be a hindrance. For example, “gaming” mice traditionally include a plethora of buttons for specific commands, but if you use your laptop mostly for browsing the web, these buttons could quickly become annoying. Thus, make sure you know what you need before deciding which type of mice best suits your needs.


There are several possible ways for the product to be connected to your computer. The classic wired one offers stability and reliability but includes a bothersome cord. Bluetooth mice eliminate the chord, but require batteries or charging to connect and may have pairing errors. A mouse with a USB dongle functions similarly to Bluetooth and requires batteries, but takes up one of your USB ports on the Mac which is super precious if you’re on a newest MacBook model.

The Best Mouse for MacBook Pro in 2020: Our Picks

Please note: These choices are listed in no particular order and do not represent the individual merits of each recommendation.

1. Apple Magic Mouse 2

A product built by Apple for Apple, the Magic Mouse won’t disappoint you. You’ll be able to be more productive by taking advantage of the touch gestures it supports, and the slim design fits smoothly in even the thinnest of computer bags for easy transport. It charges by lightning cable and connects to your MacBook Pro with Bluetooth.


  • Sleek design, lightweight, and rechargeable.
  • It’s a reliable product from one of the most reliable companies in the world — Apple.
  • Fully optimized to work with your MacBook through gestures and it’s extremely light.


  • There’s no physical button separation or scroll wheel, might not be optimal for some applications.
  • Also, the scrolling feature may not work if your MacBook is running an older macOS version.

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2. Logitech M557 Bluetooth Mouse

If you’re looking for something wireless but sturdy and well designed, this one from Logitech will check all your boxes. It’s slim and compact for easy travel, but still big enough to be used comfortably. The scroll wheel has multiple functions, and the optical sensor will work on a variety of surfaces.


  • Thin and minimalist design is great during use and travel, lengthy battery life of 12 months, and designed for both left and right-handed users.


  • While equally functional on both Mac and Windows, the 4th button is only useful to Windows PC users.

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3. Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse

If you’re a gamer or simply enjoy having a mouse with plenty of programmable functionality, this model from Razer is sure to meet your needs. The wired mice will allow you to create custom key functions and the smooth shape will fit neatly in your grip while gaming or working.


  • Manufactured by a well-trusted brand, this product has a great shape for fitting in your hand with raised buttons that are easy to find.
  • Programmable functions lend a huge amount of versatility, and it even features a color-changing logo and scroll wheel.


  • Not the right choice if you only need a few buttons, slightly larger than a normal product.

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4. VicTsing USB Wired Mouse

This simple product maintains the classically curved hand rest and in addition to the primary and secondary click buttons, includes a physical scroll wheel (with button functionality) and a fourth, additional button in the middle. You’ll have the familiarity of a desktop mouse at your fingertips for use with your MacBook.


  • Wired design lends reliability and functions immediately upon being plugged in, buttons are smooth and sweat-resistant, includes settings for sensitivity adjustment.


  • 5-foot cord may be excessive for use with a laptop, it is chunky compared to the slim MacBook Pro and doesn’t make for easy travel.

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Additional Tips

If you’re a staunch Apple fan or simply enjoy the feel of the Apple Magic Mouse, you’ll want to make sure to keep it clean and in working order. Whether you own a rechargeable model or a battery-operated model, they can both benefit from having their sensors checked and exterior cleaned. Follow this guide from Apple to keep your mice safe while you clean it.

Not sure if a mouse is for you but still want more space than the built-in trackpad? The Magic Trackpad 2 from Apple will give you six inches of trackpad space, and comes with the relatively recent Force Touch feature. It has a low profile and connects via Bluetooth, so you can use it with ease.

Also, a mouse pad may be worth considering if you want to protect your mice from physical scratch and have a smooth moving experience. The Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad with wrist support is a great choice.

Final Words

Purchasing a mouse to use with your MacBook Pro can be a great way to increase your productivity and simplify your workflow. It will make working with complex programs easier, as well as allow you to use your MacBook in a more relaxed format, without confining your hands to a small space.

What mice do you use with your MacBook Pro? Or you don’t use one at all because you’re used to the trackpad? Tell us and share the stories and reasons why you like it.

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