How to Save Battery on MacBook Pro?

Laptop computers have come a long way in battery life over the years.

Early computers could only last a couple of hours at best and today’s new MacBook Pro’s can last 8 hours or more before you have to connect it to a power source. Longer battery life is great for a number of reasons from allowing you to work remotely or keeping your favorite entertainment on the screen longer.

Even though the modern MacBook Pro has excellent battery life, there are still ways to extend the battery and save power if you have a need to do so. By learning a few tricks to save your battery, you can extend the length of time you have available between charges.

You might always have access to an electrical outlet but these tips are good to know for anyone who has a MacBook Pro.

Why You Should Save Your Battery Life

Everyone uses their MacBook Pro for different reasons.

Some use our computers just for work and others use them for entertainment like watching movies and playing games. In reality, most people use their computers for a variety of reasons but they can become very important to everyday life.

With so many of us living life on the go, whether that means commuting to and from work, traveling for work or for pleasure, or simply using a computer in a variety of different places, battery life is an important aspect of modern-day life.

It is really nice to feel untethered to charging chords and having the freedom to move your computer from place to place without worry is one of the main reasons we buy laptops in the first place.

In order to live this sort of mobile lifestyle with your computer, you want your battery to last as long as it possibly can. It’s an obvious convenience to not have to plug into a power source very often but can also be a necessity for people who want to conduct business or correspondence from their computers.

Learning how to prolong the life of your battery will enable you to use your computer on the go for longer stretches of time without much worry of losing power.

How to Save Battery on a MacBook Pro

There are many ways to save a little bit of battery life on your MacBook Pro.

Combine a few of these tips (or all of them) together and you could see your battery life increase quite considerably over the course of one cycle. One of these tips alone may not make a considerable difference in battery life, but taking them all into consideration can get you the extra time you might need.

1. Adjust Your Display

Your display is one of the most power demanding parts of your computer.

High-resolution graphics and lots of light can lead to quick battery drainage if you are watching a movie or other videos, which is common because of the quality of display your MacBook Pro has. The retina displays on newer MacBooks are amazing but can also eat up a lot of battery.

To save on battery life, you are going to want to adjust your display. This means that you will want to dim the brightness of your screen when you are running on battery power. You can quickly control the brightness of your screen by pressing the F1 and F2 keys on your keyboard.

For battery-saving reasons, I’d suggest keeping your display around 20-25% of brightness. That will give you enough light to see while not putting out too much to drain the battery quickly.

2. Turn of Services You Don’t Need

Another good battery saving practice is to turn off any and all services on your computer that you don’t currently need.

This can include things such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and location services. Chances are you are probably using WiFi so we won’t really address turning that off here but turning of the other services is a simple process you should learn.

To turn off your Bluetooth service go to the Apple menu in the top left of your computer screen, click on System Preferences, and then click on Bluetooth. Once the Bluetooth menu opens up, simply click on the Turn Bluetooth Off button to turn this service off and save some battery life.

To turn off the GPS and Location services again go to the Apple menu, click on System Preferences, and then on Security & Privacy. You then need to click on the lock in the lower left-hand corner of this menu and enter your password and then you can disable location services.

3. Turn Off Notifications

Notifications are another non-essential element of your laptop that you can disable to save a bit of battery.

These are pretty convenient tools that Apple has integrated into many of their devices but you really don’t need to have notifications on all of the time.

To turn off notifications go to the Apple menu, click on System Preferences and then on Notifications. From this menu, you can make your settings for Do Not Disturb which will keep any notifications from popping up and save some battery life while doing it.

Final Thoughts

Long battery life is one of the best features of the MacBook Pro.

Running out of battery power at the wrong time can be stressful, annoying, and potentially problematic if you lose any unsaved data. Luckily, with a few tips like the ones above, you can increase the life of your battery and have less risk of running out when you are not near a power source.

Have you ever run out of battery power on your MacBook Pro? Do you have any other battery-saving tips to share?

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