How To Do A MacBook Pro Screen Replacement [6 Steps] 2024 – DIY

macbook pro screen replacement

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A cracked MacBook Pro screen can be expensive to replace if not insured. This guide offers tips on affordable screen replacement, whether through Apple’s service center or a DIY approach. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cost: Replacing a MacBook Pro screen can be expensive if not insured, but DIY can be more affordable.
  • DIY vs. Professional: You can replace the screen with the right tools and skills, but professional repair is safer for less experienced people.
  • Required Tools: DIY replacement requires specific tools like screwdrivers, a spudger, tweezers, and a microfiber cloth.
  • DIY Steps: The DIY process involves powering off the Mac, removing the back panel, disconnecting the battery, disconnecting the screen, preparing the new display, and reassembling the Mac.
  • Professional Repair: Professional repair is recommended if DIY seems daunting, with costs varying between Apple and third-party repair centers.

How To Replace MacBook Pro Screen

How To Replace MacBook Pro Screen

You can replace your MacBook Pro’s screen by taking it to a certified Apple service center. If you are insured, you won’t be charged a high upfront fee, and your screen will be repaired within a few days.

However, if not insured, you can replace it by yourself. You need to keep some equipment ready with your MacBook before you start the project, including a replacement screen, screwdrivers, heat gun, screen cleaning cloth, and pry tools.

If you’re into DIY and are confident in handling devices, use this method. Otherwise, it is much safer to take it to a professional.

Below are the steps mentioned briefly on how to replace the screen.

How To Replace MacBook Pro Screen [Methods & Steps]

Here are two ways you can replace the MacBook Pro screen. Firstly, we will discuss how you can do it at home, and the next one will take it to a professional.

Method 1: Do It Yourself (DIY)

Refer to this YouTube Video-

We will be breaking down all the necessary steps to replace the screen of your MacBook Pro. Before that, here is a list of tools that you will need to open the MacBook Pro and make the necessary changes to it in the process.

  • New replacement screen (compatible with your MacBook Pro model)
  • P5 Pentalobe screwdriver
  • P2 Pentalobe screwdriver
  • T4 Torx screwdriver
  • T8 Torx screwdriver (if applicable)
  • A plastic spudger or nylon pry tool
  • Tweezers
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Heat gun or iOpener (optional)

1. Power Off Your Mac And Unplug

Firstly, unplug all the peripherals attached to your Mac, including the USB or any other connected devices.

Power Off Your Mac And Unplug

Then, power off your Mac since we will be disconnecting the batteries and the screen from it.

2. Remove The Back Panel

If you are not too aware of how things work, make sure to follow all the steps we are mentioning here.

We will now start by removing your MacBook Pro’s back panel. Through this, we will also unplug the battery and remove the screen panel.

  • Flip over the MacBook and use your P5 Pentalobe screwdriver.
  • Now, use it to open all the screws.
  • Carefully lift the panel.

The panel might be attached to clippers. Hence, you might have to put a bit of effort into removing it. While removing, you may hear a clicking sound twice from both sides.

3. Disconnect The Battery

Now, the next step will be to unplug the battery power from your motherboard. From here, things might get tricky. Carefully follow the step-by-step process.

  • Peal off the plastic cover.
Disconnect The Battery
  • Flip the tape over the clipper and then open the clipper upwards.
Disconnect The Battery
Disconnect The Battery
  • Slide the flex cable or the tape to your left to slide it out.
  • Then, use the T4 screwdriver to open the screw below the tape.
Disconnect The Battery

Your battery is now disconnected from your MacBook Pro. Ensure to keep all the screws in the proper place since you will need to get them all into place once done.

4. Disconnect The Screen Panel

Once you are done disconnecting the battery, we will remove the screen attached to the motherboard.

  • To begin with, remove the six screws marked below using the T4 screwdriver.
Disconnect The Screen Panel
  • Next, remove the two screws below and remove the black bracket.
Disconnect The Screen Panel
  • We will now open the connector below, which provides info on the LCD screen board.
  • The next set of screws will remove the LCD panel board or retina display from the motherboard or logic board.
  • Depending on your MacBook Pro model, you might need to disconnect the Wi-Fi antenna cables.
  • Lastly, Use the T5 or T8 Torx screwdriver to remove the display hinge screws.

5. Prepare The New Display

Prepare the new replacement screen by removing any protective film from your packaging.

You can unlock the hinges on both ends to reassemble everything you followed above in reverse order to attach the new screen.

6. Reassemble The MacBook Pro

Follow the reverse process to attach everything back to its original position.

  • Align the display assembly with the MacBook Pro’s hinges and secure it with the appropriate Torx screws.
  • Then, Reconnect any disconnected cables, such as the Wi-Fi antenna cables we removed.
  • Realign the LCD board and connect all the screws and connectors.
  • Lastly, reconnect the battery.

7. Reconnect The Back Panel

Lastly, you can reconnect the back panel into place using the screwdriver.

Once everything is done, try restarting your Mac to check if the new screen is perfectly in place and working just as you need.

Method 2: Take It To A Professional

If the above process looks too complicated for you, it is better to take it to a professional.

Multiple repair centers are Apple-authorized or even third-party repair centers that charge less than what Apple will charge you.

Do you have Apple Care+? If yes, then you can get your cracked screen repaired with a nominal fee, depending on the MacBook Pro model you own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repair my Apple Product?

Yes, you can repair your Apple Product at home all by yourself. The process might be risky and take time since it involves unscrewing multiple parts. However, you can find several YouTube videos and blogs where people break down the step-by-step processes to make things easier.

How do I get my MacBook Pro repaired?

You can follow the steps mentioned in this blog and repair the broken or cracked screen, liquid damage, accidental damage or any other damage by yourself. Or else, you can visit the Apple Store and take your MacBook Pro with you to have a thorough screening and then send it for repair. 


Replacing the MacBook Pro’s screen is something every device owner must do at some point. It is definitely not an easy, everyday task, but it’s worth knowing. 

If you are confident about your fixing skills and follow the instructions given in this article, you will be able to get this done within a couple of hours, without having spent much.  

The only thing you need to ensure is keeping the screw with you in a safe place and making sure you remember which ones need to go where. For this, you can arrange the set of screws as soon as you take them out to reassemble quickly.

Or else, if you are ready to invest some money and save time, then schedule a repair with Apple, Apple-authorized, or third-party service store and send them your device. It will take a few days, but your MacBook screen will be as good as new. 

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  • Ron

    I have a mac pro 15” i hardly use it and keep it in a hard case at all times when not in use. I pulled it out and powered on the other day and noticed a single white paper thin vertical line going from the top of the screen down to the bottom of the screen on the right side. What the heck is wrong with it and what do i need to do to fix it?

  • Claudia Groebevelt

    Not all screens go dark because they have a crack or blemish on the screen. My screen is black, with no blemishes. I still have the sound, however. I’ve tried all of the online suggestions This happened before and I had Apple do the rehab for $500. It was like a new computer. As of 2022, Apple does not support this MacPro anymore, not sure what to do. I still need to connect it to a monitor and see if that works.

  • Michael Walsh

    The title for this article is very misleading because you don’t say what “screen” means. Many people understand the word screen to mean the display, not just the cover glass.

    The job you describe here is “Replacing the Cover Glass on a Macbook Pro Screen”. Replacing the screen (display) itself is doable (I have done it) but it is a much more involved process.

    • Kayda

      Where did you get the tools my MacBook fell off my car while I was driving. My apple care is expired and the screen is black and my Touch Bar isn’t working

      • Chantel Thompson

        Mine is going black too, have you found any solution?

  • River W Bailey

    where would you purchase replacement screen, could I have a link?

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    Not so much a broken screen. I have a good screen but ribbon cable needs to be replaced. In order to replace ribbon cable the screen has to come off. Can it be done without damage?

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    I am grateful for this information. I have two questions if you could possibly answer. Do Apple outlets sell screens to the public? also is there a lead connector to the computer?