How to do a MacBook Pro Screen Replacement [6 Steps] 2023 – DIY

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There are times when your MacBook Pro might be in need of screen repair. This can be due to different reasons and no one is ever happy when things break – whether it be an unintentional accident or due to some sort of malfunction.

Any laptop has the potential to fail and your MacBook Pro is no exception. Some small repairs can be fixed up in a matter of minutes while other issues might take longer and cost quite a bit of money.

One MacBook Pro repair that may seem complicated but is actually pretty doable on your own, is a screen replacement. This type of repair may sound intimidating but once you know the correct steps to complete the job, it’s actually pretty doable.

If your MacBook has a broken screen due to an accident or any other reason, here is a look at how to replace the screen by yourself.

Why Replace MacBook Pro Screen

If you’re lucky, you may never have to replace your MacBook Pro screen. Under normal circumstances, these screens are really quite durable and long-lasting and are meant to withstand a bit of wear and tear over the life of your computer.

First of all, Apple admitted that the 2016-2017 MacBook Pro models have the ‘Flexgate’ display problem and it was only two years later that the issue was revealed to the public. The display problem most likely won’t affect the use, but it doesn’t look good.

Display backlight issue on some 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro models, according to MacRumors.

Meanwhile, accidents and heavy use do happen, unfortunately, and this can lead to your screen becoming damaged to an extent that it would be in need of repair.

The cause of most screen breaks is an accident. This could be something like dropping your laptop off of a table or desk or even accidentally hitting the screen with some sort of blunt object. Instances like these typically lead to a crack or multiple cracks in the glass that make up the screen.

Sometimes a small crack is not a problem but if left unfixed, it can continue to get worse, similar to a windshield on a car.

Screens can also become blemished and scratched from steady use. Damage to the screen resulting from this type of daily wear and tear will build up over time and eventually cause your screen to look cloudy or scratched in appearance both when you are using it and when you look at the screen while the computer is powered down or in sleep mode.

This type of damage is not as obvious as a crack, but it still can lead to the need for a screen replacement after a while.

In case you don’t know how to clean a mac screen, you follow the step-by-step guide.

How to Replace MacBook Pro Screen

If you’re like me, any small damage, crack, or faulty spots on your computer screen is not acceptable. I always want to get things fixed up and near perfect when they break.

Whether you have a small crack in your screen, a couple of large ones that make it almost impossible to see, or the screen is just scratched and blemished from a few years of steady use, a replacement screen is an easy option to make your laptop seem new once again.

Screen Replacement Under Warranty

If your MacBook Pro is still under warranty by Apple or any other provider, you will want to take the computer into them to get the screen replaced.

If you attempt to complete the screen replacement on your own, you could risk voiding this warranty which is definitely an unwanted option in case anything more major happens during the warranty period.

The Apple Care Program is an option when you purchase your MacBook Pro. This program costs some money upfront but comes in really useful in case of an accident to your screen or any other part of your computer.

If your screen becomes damaged or faulty you can take it into the Apple Store and have them fix it up quickly and correctly without having to worry about it yourself.

If you did not purchase your MacBook from Apple there still might be warranty programs in place from the provider. Be sure to call the business or location where you purchased your MacBook to see if they can offer the fix under any sort of warranty or if they have suggestions. They might not, but it is always good to check in before undertaking the repair yourself.

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Replacing MacBook Pro Screen – Do It Yourself

Replacing your MacBook Pro screen may seem like a difficult repair that should only be done by professionals.

In reality, it is not that complicated of a process and you should be able to accomplish the task on your own with the right instruction and a few common tools.

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of trying to fix your screen, take it to a professional, but if you want to try it yourself, follow the steps below.

1. Set up Your Area for Repair

You’ll want to get everything in order before diving into this project so be sure to set up an area to work that is free of any obstructions, get all of your tools and materials in order, and clean the area of anything and everything that might be a source of dust or dirt.

The materials you need for this repair are: your MacBook Pro, the replacement screen (you can buy from Amazon or iFixit), a hairdryer, a screen cleaning cloth, and a suction cup.

2. Heat Along the Edges of Screen

Turn on the hairdryer and heat along the edges of the screen. Keep the dryer pretty close to the screen and this will loosen the adhesive holding it on.

3. Remove Old Screen with Suction Cup

After you have heated the screen, attach the suction cup to the screen by pressing it firmly to the glass. Lift up slowly and firmly and your screen should come off of the computer.

4. Clean MacBook Pro Screen Surface and New Screen

Using the cleaning cloth, buff, and polish both the display surface underneath the old screen and the new screen to be installed. Make sure to clean up any fingerprints and blemishes so your new screen looks new when installed.

5. Install New Screen

Begin by removing the adhesive strips that surround the edge of the new screen. Heat these strips slightly with the hairdryer. Then, put the new screen in place and make sure it is correctly aligned. Press the edges of the screen with the cleaning cloth to better attach the adhesive.

6. Final Steps

Once the new screen is correctly in place, remove the plastic covering protecting the screen. Give the edges another round of heat from the hairdryer. Use the cloth the again press around the edges firmly. Your new screen is now installed!

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Final Thoughts

Replacing a screen on your MacBook Pro is a repair that can be done by yourself pretty easily but should be done by a professional if your computer is under warranty or if you are uncomfortable completing the repair yourself.

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    I have a mac pro 15” i hardly use it and keep it in a hard case at all times when not in use. I pulled it out and powered on the other day and noticed a single white paper thin vertical line going from the top of the screen down to the bottom of the screen on the right side. What the heck is wrong with it and what do i need to do to fix it?

  • Avatar

    Claudia Groebevelt

    Not all screens go dark because they have a crack or blemish on the screen. My screen is black, with no blemishes. I still have the sound, however. I’ve tried all of the online suggestions This happened before and I had Apple do the rehab for $500. It was like a new computer. As of 2022, Apple does not support this MacPro anymore, not sure what to do. I still need to connect it to a monitor and see if that works.

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    Michael Walsh

    The title for this article is very misleading because you don’t say what “screen” means. Many people understand the word screen to mean the display, not just the cover glass.

    The job you describe here is “Replacing the Cover Glass on a Macbook Pro Screen”. Replacing the screen (display) itself is doable (I have done it) but it is a much more involved process.

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      Where did you get the tools my MacBook fell off my car while I was driving. My apple care is expired and the screen is black and my Touch Bar isn’t working

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        Chantel Thompson

        Mine is going black too, have you found any solution?

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    River W Bailey

    where would you purchase replacement screen, could I have a link?

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    Not so much a broken screen. I have a good screen but ribbon cable needs to be replaced. In order to replace ribbon cable the screen has to come off. Can it be done without damage?

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    I am grateful for this information. I have two questions if you could possibly answer. Do Apple outlets sell screens to the public? also is there a lead connector to the computer?