Top 8 Best Backpacks for MacBook Pro in 2024 [Reviews]

Best Backpacks for MacBook Pro

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Are you a MacBook Pro user searching for the perfect backpack to carry your beloved device? Look no further! In this article, we present the top 8 best backpacks specifically designed for MacBook Pro users in 2024. 

Read on for detailed reviews and find the ideal backpack to protect and transport your valuable laptop.

Quick Summary

  • Timbuk2 The Authority Pack: Best overall choice when you’re on the go and using a medium or large 17-inch MacBook Pro but still want something sleek and sturdy.
  • KOPACK Lightweight Laptop Backpack: Best for those looking for all-day durability without sacrificing the security and strength of the pack.
  • SwissGear TSA Friendly Laptop Backpack: Best if you’re looking for a pack that will stand up to anything you throw at it for years to come.
  • Solo Briefcase: Best option if you can’t or don’t want to carry your laptop on your back daily but still require space and high quality.

Best Backpack for MacBook Pro in 2024: Our Picks

Best Backpack for MacBook Pro

Backpacks are, by definition, a commuter’s friend. They offer convenience, portability, and a safe way to carry your laptop. Our team handpicked all the following items. Each of them has its own unique features, read the detailed review below to learn more before purchasing.

1. Timbuk2 Authority Laptop Pack (17-inch)

The Timbuk2 Authority Laptop Backpack is a sturdy and reliable laptop bag that offers excellent organization with a professional aesthetic that fits most work environments. It has three separate compartments offering convenient segmentation for your gear. The bag is densely padded with a comfortable harness system.

The bag measures 18.1 in x 11.4 in x 5.91 in and can hold up to 28L. You can easily keep a 17-inch laptop in this laptop pack. Besides, its clean and stealthy design gives the bag a sophisticated look with well-integrated features, making it suitable for both office and casual use.The bag is made of 400D static polyester and features reflective tape under compression straps, enhancing visibility and safety in low-light conditions or during nighttime. However, the material can feel stiff and may not be the best fit for those carrying large water bottles due to its smaller water bottle pocket​.


  • Easily fits a 17-inch laptop with ample space for other items
  • Features a grab handle for easy lifting
  • A separate in-pocket key keeper


  • Doesn’t have a solid base to stand upright on its own

2. KOPACK Lightweight Laptop Backpack (15.6-inch & 17-inch)

The KOPACK Lightweight Laptop Backpack is a versatile and practical backpack designed for everyday use. Its sleek and lightweight design, ample storage space, and enhanced security features make it an excellent choice for commuters and students. It also comes with a detachable USB cable which allows you to charge your iPhone on the go.

The best thing about this bag is its water-resistant and anti-theft design. It has a double zipper design that keeps your laptop securely tucked in at your back. The large straps help distribute weight for easier carry, while inner pockets offer better organization. The organization options make it easy to access and locate your belongings.

The backpack’s lightweight construction ensures comfort during extended wear, making it ideal for daily commutes or long days on campus. However, the lack of additional padding may not offer the same level of protection as heavier-duty backpacks.


  • Water-resistant and anti-scratch material
  • Features a lockable zipper and ring
  • Ergonomic S-shape design for comfortable wearing experience


  • Limited padding may not offer optimal protection for delicate items

3. SwissGear TSA Friendly Laptop Backpack (17.5-inch)

The SwissGear TSA Friendly Laptop Backpack is an ideal blend of functionality and durability for frequent travelers. It opens flat to speed up airport security checks, making it a significant perk for frequent flyers. The backpack is sturdy with a long-lasting design with plenty of compartments for everything from your water bottle to your glasses to your iPod.

One of its notable characteristics is the ergonomically contoured and padded shoulder straps that conform to the natural curves of your shoulders, reducing strain and ensuring a comfortable fit during extended periods of use. To enhance ventilation and prevent excessive sweating, this bag incorporates airflow back padding which promotes air circulation between your back and the bag, keeping you cool and dry.

Its spacious compartment accommodates large laptops of up to 17.5 inches. The backpack is made from durable material to withstand daily wear and tear, but this contributes to the product’s overall weight. So if you prefer a lightweight, minimalist design, this might not be the best fit.


  • TSA-friendly design saves time at the airport
  • Wire-reinforced padded grab handle makes it easier to carry
  • Features an add-a-bag trolley strap to slip over telescopic handles


  • The backpack’s robust design makes it heavier than other models

4. Solo New York Duane Hybrid Convertible Laptop Briefcase (15.6-inch)

Prefer to keep things off your back and across your body instead? Consider the Solo New York Duane Hybrid Convertible Laptop Briefcase. The bag has a convertible design that transforms into a backpack, providing versatility for different usage scenarios. The briefcase style gives your spine a break while carrying smaller model Macs.

The bag measures 12.5″ x 17″ x 5″ and weighs 2.1 lbs, made of polyester. The material might not be as durable as some high-end alternatives, but it’s reasonably robust for daily use​. It includes an internal iPad/tablet pocket, a large front pocket with an organizer section, and two quick access front pockets.

Its padded laptop compartment comfortably fits a 15.6-inch laptop, providing protection for your device. The bag has padded carry handles and a removable/adjustable shoulder strap. The backpack straps can be tucked away when not in use. The handles might not be as hefty as those on specialized backpacks​.


  • Stands independently with a well-padded base
  • Hides the backpack straps discreetly into the hideaway zipper pocket
  • Sturdy carry handle allows holding the backpack without straining your hand


  • Limited compartments

5. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack (15.6-inch & 17-inch)

The Matein Travel Laptop Backpack is a highly recommended option for those needing a versatile but affordable backpack. The backpack features two padded pockets large enough for 15 to 17-inch laptops, providing excellent protection during transit. Besides the two main storage pockets, there are multiple auxiliary pockets. It even features a hidden pocket in the lumbar foam pad that provides a secure spot for valuables​.

The backpack is known for its easy-pull zippers and an exterior USB port. You can connect a power bank on the inside and plug in the charger to your phone on the outside. The exterior fabric is water-resistant, keeping contents dry even in moderate rainfall. However, the zippers aren’t waterproof, making them the weakest point in weather resistance​.

With three pads on the back for extra comfort, it makes daily commuting easy. However, the absence of a suspension system at the bottom might make it less suitable for carrying highly sensitive equipment​.


  • Features a luggage strap to slip over trolley bag’s handle
  • External USB port makes it easy to charge your phone
  • Hidden anti-theft pocket is a nice touch to keep valuables safe


  • Doesn’t have waterproof zippers

6. Bellroy Melbourne Backpack Compact (13-inch)

The Bellroy Melbourne Backpack Compact (13-inch) is a stylish and discreet choice for those seeking functionality with a minimalist aesthetic. This backpack features a well-padded and comfortable harness system, including a folded nylon handle and shoulder straps. While they look slim, they provide comfort due to ample padding. The harness system may not be overly complicated, but it fits well for the backpack’s size.

It has a fairly large main compartment and a padded laptop pocket that sits inside of the flap. The backpack has a quick-access pocket on the outside, a water bottle pocket on the right side, and a side-opening quick-grab pocket for sunglasses. It comfortably fits an 18-oz bottle, but larger bottles might not fit depending on their width.

The main compartment is accessed via a magnetically secured top flap and a left-side zipper, offering a balance between a clamshell-style opening and a rolltop. However, there is a significant issue: the top flap can easily pop open if the bag is fully loaded, which can pose security concerns​.


  • The side zip offers easy access to your items
  • MagSnap fasteners click into place quickly
  • Made with recycled polyester and nylon


  • The flap style opening poses security risks

7. Volher Laptop Backpack (15.6-inch & 17-inch)

The Volher Laptop Backpack is an excellent choice for those seeking durability and functionality for a  large size laptop. Its spacious main compartment, laptop and tablet sleeves, front utility pocket with organizer, and side pockets offer ample space and organization. The backpack is made of water-resistant polyester fabric, providing robustness and protection from rain.

Safety features are worth mentioning here as well, and this bag comes with a hidden anti-theft pocket and slide-over luggage handle to keep tabs on everything inside. It also features an external USB port and a headphone port so you can keep your phone charged while listening to music without taking your devices out.

It features metal zippers which are durable and reliable for daily use, but they might not run as smoothly as plastic zippers. Padded back cushion, breathable shoulder straps, and ventilated back design promote comfort. However, its size and weight may be cumbersome for those looking for a more compact or lighter backpack.


  • Built-in USB charger and headset opening for quick charging and music
  • Made with water-resistant and durable material
  • Features an adjustable strap for making it fit your body


  • Metal zippers may not be as smooth as plastic ones

8. Fjallraven Kanken Laptop Backpack (13-inch, 15-inch, & 17-inch)

The Fjallraven Kanken Laptop Backpack is a compact, stylish, and highly durable choice for students, travelers, and office goers. It is a classic bag for carrying your laptop and other small items. Built with a separate padded compartment for a 15 to 17-inch laptop, this option blends throwback looks with modern features. However, the fit is tight, and bulkier laptops may not fit comfortably​.

The backpack is made from Vinylon F fabric with a polyamide lining, providing high durability and resistance to daily wear and tear, dirt, and water​​. However, compared to other materials like leather, polyester, or canvas, it may not provide the same level of luxury feel or aesthetic appeal.

Dual top handles provide multiple points of contact, allowing for a more balanced distribution of weight when carrying a bag or tote. This can make it more comfortable to transport heavier laptops, as the load is evenly distributed across both hands.


  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to carry
  • Features a side slip pocket for water bottle
  • Padded shoulder straps offer a comfortable fit


  • Limited organizational features due to its simple design​

Buying a Backpack for MacBook Pro: What to Consider

Buying a Backpack for MacBook Pro

Take the following factors into account when you are shopping for a backpack to carry on your MacBook Pro.


While it’s important to find a model with the appropriate pocket size (e.g., 13″, 14″, 15″, or 16″) to ensure the safety of your MacBook Pro, you should also take into account the overall size of the backpack. Consider whether the backpack has enough space to accommodate all your essentials, like cords, files, accessories, or any additional items.


While you can choose any ordinary backpack from a store like Target to carry your Mac, it won’t come equipped with specialized padded pockets or features designed to protect your laptop from scratches and dents. So, it’s important to choose a backpack that provides the necessary level of impact reduction and safety features for your daily commute.


While it may not be the primary consideration when buying a backpack, the weight of the backpack itself is worth taking into account. Typically, the contents inside the backpack are the main contributors to its weight. However, if you have a long commute or any medical conditions that affect your spine, even the slightest weight can become significant over time.  So, always check the weight of a backpack before deciding if it is suitable for your needs.

Additional Features

Did you know some backpacks offer built-in chargers and anti-theft features? It’s always beneficial to find a backpack that provides additional support in the form of features like waterproof lining or extra pockets. When choosing a backpack, consider these added functionalities that can enhance your experience and provide convenience.Are you an infrequent commuter or not sure you need an entire backpack? Check out our guide to the best sleeves or hardshell cases for MacBook Pro, which are slim cases you can use for light travel and storage of your Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I consider the weight of the backpack when making a purchase?

Yes, you should consider the weight of the backpack when making a purchase. The weight of the backpack itself, along with its contents, can impact your comfort and overall experience during daily commutes. Choose a backpack that suits your needs and ensures a comfortable carrying experience.

Are all backpacks TSA-friendly for easy airport security checks?

No, all backpacks are not TSA-friendly for easy airport security checks. Some backpacks are designed with features like separate laptop compartments and easy access, which make them more suitable for efficient security screenings. So, check the specific features of a backpack before assuming it is TSA-friendly.

Are there any backpacks that have a built-in USB charging port for on-the-go charging?

Yes, there are backpacks that have a built-in USB charging port for on-the-go charging of smartphones or tablets. Some examples include, KOPACK Lightweight Laptop Backpack, Matein Travel Laptop Backpack, and Volher Laptop Backpack. This feature enables you to stay connected and powered up while using your backpacks.

Final Words

If you’re a commuter, you know how important it is to keep your MacBook Pro secure as you move from place to place. Whether it’s your work machine or for personal use, no one wants to deal with a damaged laptop, and a backpack is a perfect way to make sure you’re never in that situation.

In this article, we have reviewed the top 8 best backpacks for MacBook Pro users in 2023. Each backpack offers unique features and benefits, catering to different needs and preferences. Selecting the right backpack will ensure the safety and security of your MacBook Pro during your daily commute.

Are you already taking measures to keep your MacBook safe while on the go? Could a backpack be the solution? We would love to hear about your experiences and any strategies for keeping your MacBook safe?

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