Best Mac Role-Playing Game: RPG Games in 2024

best Mac Roleplaying Games

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Role-playing games are always trending, considering they offer an immersive storytelling experience. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned gamer, these multiplayer Mac games keep you hooked all day long.

I have been an avid gamer for years, and nothing thrills or excites me more than RPG games. The ability to play high-end games is not restricted to Windows devices anymore. MacBooks can also support all the best role-playing games with exceptional response time! 

Let’s check out which RPGs make the top list.

Best Mac Role-Playing Game: RPG Games in 2024

Let’s look at the best RPGs of 2023 for your Mac below: 

1. Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2

The BAFTA-winning Divinity: Original Sin 2 is one of the best Mac Role-Playing Games of all time. It stands out among all other options on this list with its exceptional storyline and the freedom to choose among the 5 races, i.e., Elves, Dwarves, Lizards, Humans, and the Undead.

If you love playing combat and strategic gameplay, this is the game for you. However, it may not suit your style if you are more into fast-paced, action-packed games. 


1. Engaging Storyline- The most interactive story that alters the game’s narrative based on your chosen character and your decision. Furthermore, every character has a unique personality and quests to conquer.

2. Multiplayer- Divinity allows up to 4 players online and 2 players split-screen coop so that you can enjoy this game with your friends and create a community around it.

3. Deep Tactical Combat- Another defining aspect of the game is its turn-based combat system. You can combine specific skills of each character to defeat enemies, use environment interactions such as frozen pool, use rain to extinguish the fire, etc.


  • Exceptional replayability with multiple characters and stories
  • Turn-based combat system
  • Stunning visuals and animation
  • Supports full cooperative multiplayer


  • Steep learning curve


Divinity: Original Sin 2 lets you explore a distinctive yet picturesque virtual world with hundreds of possibilities. However, this game’s complexity and slow pace may only be suitable for some. However, with its character customization, this game allows you to choose at every step. 

2. Disco Elysium – The Final Cut

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut

The Disco Elysium – The Final Cut is an enhanced version of the original Disco Elysium with a lot more features. The game revolves around a solid and interactive story. You are a detective who solves mysteries with your unique skillset. Each decision you make will reward you in the end.

Aside from the stunning graphics and unique voices and audio, this game also keeps the players hooked with frequent new quests and characters. 


1. Storyline: Although complex, the game has an interesting story that gets increasingly more engaging with each dialogue. There’s character development, intriguing mysteries, and self-discovery that sets this game apart from most others.

2. Dynamic Role Playing: The major aspect of this game is its dynamic role-playing ability, where the character has a unique skill system. You can access multiple clothing lines and tools and even give wild thoughts to the detective. Because it is an interactive game, each decision you make eventually rewards you and determines the outcome. This helps you get in the mind of a detective and play completely from that perspective.

3. Voice Acting- Another interesting aspect of this game is the voice acting aspect. Each character is introduced with a unique voice that builds in emotional depth as the storyline develops.


  • Voice acting and realistic dialogue add depth to the story.
  • Frequent addition of new quests and characters.
  • Stunning animations and visuals
  • Highly user-friendly 


  • Heavily text-based storyline
  • A bit slow-paced and can become boring at times


Disco Elysium – The Final Cut is here to stay. Even after years of its release, its popularity remains unmatched. With its full voice acting, interactive storylines, and character development, this game keeps you hooked! However, since this is a heavily text-based game, it can be quite difficult for casual players who aren’t looking for this or instead just want a good background score. 

3. Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 takes you on a post-apocalyptic journey where each decision you make takes you to an entirely different storyline. Whether choosing between saving a family or arms dealer, you have to face the consequences later, either good or bad.

You control a ranger who is given a vehicle to traverse the rough terrain. You survived an ambush and are on a journey to complete your missions moving forward. What’s interesting is that this is the only set portion of the game. The rest of the storyline will depend on the decisions you make from then on.

This game can be played in both synchronous and asynchronous multiplayer mode.


1. Impactful Storyline: The game is set in post-apocalyptic Colorado. As rangers, your decision will impact not only your life but the world around you. You will come across unique characters and circumstances that speak of politics, corruption, business, and more.

2. Online co-op: The whole idea of two rangers here is that you can play it online with your friend pairing together and saving the world. However, you both can make decisions without each other’s approval which will eventually have complicated side effects.

3. Turn-based Combat: This is one of the core features of Wasteland 3 that allow rangers to take turns while attacking the enemies. You can choose the order within your team and make strategies for a more impactful strike.


  • Supports cooperative multiplayer
  • Offers captivating and engaging story
  • Satisfying turn-based combat system
  • Exceptional environmental backdrop and visuals


  • Technical bugs and glitches
  • Works only with Intel-based Mac


Wasteland 3 offers a tactical masterpiece with high-end combat skills to keep you hooked for 60 hours of gameplay. Take your friend with you on this journey and make decisions to alter your life in the most twisted manner.

4. Star Wars: KOTOR II

Star Wars: KOTOR II

Assemble all the Star Wars fans because this game will take you on a memory lane. The motto of the game is, “It is not the destination that matters. It is the journey.” And that is exactly what it delivers.

You play a Jedi who is on the path to discovering who they are while being chased by enemies thorughout the galaxy.

Gender, Force alignment, the order of planets visited, and other variables depend on the player. 


1. Storyline: Continuing the saga of the original game, the game is all about the Jedi’s journey in their life, where they cross paths with redemption, betrayal, and having to choose between the path towards light or darkness.

2. Smaller Goals, Larger Progress: The game lets you build your own lightsaber, get your ship, recruit diverse companions with unique abilities, and complete meaningful quests. Furthermore, the character development is complex and well-developed.

3. Turn-based combat- Use your lightsaber to destroy your enemies. Each character has a unique set of skills and combat techniques you can put to use when their turn comes. You can put to use multiple lightsaber forms, blasters, and Force powers to kill Sith Lords.


  • Fantastic and in-depth storytelling
  • Sounds effects of the blaster, lightsaber, etc., are top-quality
  • Immersive Star Wars universe
  • Use of AI in combat makes it efficient


  • The interface needs improvement
  • Outdated animations and graphics


If you are a massive fan of Star Wars and RPG games, you will thoroughly enjoy the game. The immersive story, diverse decision-making, character, and even combats are all worth it. 

5. Torchlight II

Torchlight II

“Less Story, more action.”

If you love action-packed RPG games that focus largely on destroying monsters, Torchlight II is the one for you. Right from the start, you are dropped into a pit of monsters and other terrifying creatures. 

Using multiple techniques and tools, you are asked to attack them until killed and then collect the rewards. Although the game has no major storyline, the character development, graphics and audio are stunning. 


1. Loot system: A significant aspect of this game depends on the loot system. While you are slaughtering enemies on your journey, the reward you get is in the form of gold and other armory. You can then use these to upgrade your weapons and kill more monsters. 

2. Pet Companion: You have a pet by your side that acts as an alternate inventory. It can be sent off to sell weapons and other gears in the market, You can also send it on errands, like bringing in more potions and other tools. 

3. Supports Modding: After the end of every game, you can access a map room and purchase more dungeon runs with the gold you collected on the way. There is a lot more you can do with different characters, maps, and more.


  • The excellent rewarding loot system
  • Supports multiplayer co-op
  • Pet companion makes the game more interesting
  • Multiple choices available from character classes


  • No particular storyline
  • Might find the game a bit repetitive


Torchlight II is the most intense and highly addictive multiplayer Mac game. From slaughtering monsters to having a pet companion, it has a lot to offer. You will be entertained if action-packed sequences are your thing. The game’s visuals and background score are to watch out for, although it can be frustrating if you love a good storyline.

6. Diablo 3

Diablo 3

Another hack-and-slash action-packed game that focuses less on storytelling and more on fast-paced combat. You will face a diverse number of enemies in this journey and attempt to get loot in the form of weapons, gold, armor, potions, etc. 

This game has the smoothest gameplay out of all the ones on the list. Club that with its stunning graphics, class selections and massive campaigns, and you’ve got a winner on your hands!


1. Loot System: In order to upgrade your character and other armor, the loot system plays a major role. You can kill enemies and bosses and collect different weapons and magical items from the treasure chest.

2. Fast-paced Combat: The game is highly fast-paced, where you will encounter tons of enemies or titans in the smallest of caves. You can never know what might come next, and the idea of killing them all is thrilling.

3. Replayability: You can play the game again and again and go through the same levels considering how fast-paced it could be. You can even team up with your friends and discover more as you move ahead.


  • It is highly addictive.
  • The graphics and animations are stunning.
  • Keeps you hooked in the lure to collect treasures
  • Highly fast-paced and action-packed


  • Predictable and cliche storyline
  • Requires you to be always online


Diablo 3, released a decade ago, is still enjoyable with your friends. It is highly addictive and enjoyable. You can use gold to upgrade your weapons and even sell or buy them from other players. 

7. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

Take a break from chaotic and fast-paced RPG games with this light-hearted farming game. In Stardew Valley, you build your farm so you can enjoy a laid-back virtual life. Perfect stressbuster, am I right?

You can settle down and start a family, customize your character, breed animals, manage your farm, and basically build a cute, comfortable virtual life. The gameplay is around 50+ hours, so it really does feel like you’re building a home for your virtual self.


1. Character Customization: The game allows you to customize your character’s appearance. You can choose from hundreds of options available and even set up your name.

2. Manage your farm: Farming and breeding animals is the major aspect of this game. You progress from buying crops to farming, fishing, mining, and many other activities. Changing seasons is innately fun and brings comfort throughout.

3. Building Relationships: This game lets you start your own family. Get married and have kids and raise the farm together. Moreover, you can even build community relations with other people around you.


  • Perfect gameplay for a relaxed day
  • Freedom to create and build relations
  • Supports multiplayer mode
  • Relaxing soundtrack and change of seasons throughout


  • Not for gamers who like more action-based RPG games
  • It can be a bit slow-paced at times


Stardew Valley is perfect for me, especially when I am looking for a day off from work and the chaos around it. It has hundreds of options and replayability with hours of gameplay. You can build, breed, mine, catch fish, have a family, and have endless possibilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best RPG right now?

The best RPG, and most popular one right now, is Divinity: Original Sin 2. Diablo III is also another popular game in the market currently, with millions of gamers clocking hours on it worldwide.

Is there a 3D RPG Maker?

Yes, the RPG Maker allows you to create games with a 3D universe. You can use multiple 3D objects or even 2D instances and make your own game. The software is available on Steam to download and install on your system.

Can I play RPG on MacBook M1?

Yes, you can play RPG games on MacBook M1. Multiple games are available on App Store to download for free or paid. You can even download some popular games from Steam and enjoy them on your MacBook.


This is a pretty diverse list, although most RPGs are action-based, with turn-based combat. I have been playing RPG games for years now, and it has always been exhilarating. I started out with an intel-based Mac and every game worked like a charm. 

The older games glitch a little on the new M1 and M2 MacBooks but they straighten themselves out in a short time. After the initial slowness, you can enjoy hours of smooth gameplay. 

If any of the above-listed role-playing games seem interesting to you, simply head over to the official website or the App Store to download and play. 

We hope you find you new favorite RPG soon! 

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