How to Scroll on MacBook Pro [Super Easy 2 Finger Method] 2023

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Your MacBook Pro has many different features that allow you to enjoy and customize your experience in many ways. One useful function is the scroll feature on the touchpad. 

You can scroll on your MacBook Pro by sliding two fingers up and down and left to right on the trackpad. 

I’m Eric, a MacBook Pro owner and computer expert. I’ve been using MacBooks for years and put together this guide to teach you how to scroll.

So let’s dive in. 

How to Scroll on a MacBook Pro

The primary method for scrolling on your MacBook Pro is to use the trackpad and the two-finger-touch technique. I know that might sound like a Kung-Fu move (and it probably is), but this takes a lot less time to master. 

To scroll with your MacBook Pro’s trackpad, touch it with two fingers, then move them up or down. With this motion, you can scroll through anything on your screen.

You can also scroll left and right using two fingers on the trackpad. If you are using the Magic Mouse, the touch methods above still apply, but you only need to use one finger instead of two for scrolling through pages and two fingers instead of three when swiping through windows.

If you want to keep your computer experience ‘vintage,’ you can still use the older scrolling methods by clicking and dragging the scroll bar or clicking on it to move it up and down.

Final Thoughts

Using the scroll on your MacBook Pro is simple– just touch two fingers to the trackpad and drag to scroll. You can gesture left and right or up and down to scroll through the window your mouse pointer is hovering over. 

You might not think much about the action of scrolling, but it is an essential element of using a computer that you do every day.

How do you scroll on your MacBook Pro?

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