What to Do When MacBook Pro is Not Charging

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Even though your MacBook Pro is a very reliable and capable computer, things can sometimes still go wrong– like it not charging. 

If your MacBook Pro isn’t charging, there are several ways to try and fix the problem. You can check the power source, make sure the charger isn’t overheating, and verify the cord isn’t damaged. 

I’m Eric, a Mac expert and proud owner of various MacBooks, including a 15-inch model. I’ve had my Mac stop charging on me in the past, and I put together some methods to help you fix yours. 

So, keep reading to look at some options to get your MacBook Pro charging again. 

How to Fix It When MacBook Pro is Not Charging

Before worrying about what you’ll do once you’re MacBook Pro dies, there are several troubleshooting steps to walk through to fix it. 

All the steps are simple and easy to follow. But, in a worst-case scenario, you might have to purchase a new charging cable for your MacBook Pro. 

Step 1. Check the Power Source

You’ll first want to check the wall power outlet you’re using to charge your MacBook Pro. 

Unplug your MacBook Pro and plug it into a different electrical outlet. If it charges in another wall outlet, the original receptacle either has an issue or its breaker tripped. 

You can test the outlet with a lamp or your iPhone charger to see if it works. If neither device gets power, check the breaker box. 

But if your MacBook Pro doesn’t charge in any power outlet, your MacBook charger could be faulty.

Step 2. Make Sure Your Charger is Well Ventilated

You will want to ensure that your charging cord adapter is in a well-ventilated area. If it is not, it could overheat, causing it to shut down or malfunction.

Either way, the MacBook Pro charger will not work again until it cools down. Ensure your cord is not covered by blankets or coats and is not in contact with any heat source.

You will be able to feel the adapter and notice that it is hot to the touch if this is the cause of your charging issue.

Step 3. Check the Cord for Damage

Over time, your charging cord can get worn out. The plastic covering surrounding the electrical wiring can break or start to tear apart, eventually damaging the cable.

When it is damaged, the electrical connection interrupts electricity from reaching your MacBook Pro to charge it. 

A damaged charging cord is easy to diagnose. Examine the length of your charger for any signs of damage. If you see exposed metal wiring or the cord covering damaged significantly, this could be the reason for your Macbook Pro’s charging issues.

You could try covering the damaged area with electrical tape. Still, that is usually a temporary fix, and the best thing to do would be to get a new MacBook Pro charging adapter.

Common Issues On MacBook Pro Not Charging

A straightforward way to know that your MacBook Pro is not charging is that it won’t turn on. This could also be due to a dead battery, so first things first, plug your MacBook in to see if it will hold a charge and turn on when plugged in.

This is a pretty obvious first step, but before you think something is wrong, it’s good to ensure you have the basics covered.

If you plug your charger into a wall outlet and then into your MacBook Pro and still have no power, the real troubleshooting begins. 

There could be a problem with your Mac, your charger could be broken, or the electrical outlet could be bad.

All these issues can lead to your computer not charging, but each one is pretty easy to diagnose and fix.

If your MacBook Pro has battery power, it may still operate for a while, even with a faulty charger. If you look up at your battery life indicator on the top right-hand side of your screen and don’t see a little lighting bolt when your charger is plugged in, your Mac is not charging.

If your MacBook Pro uses a MagSafe or MagSafe 2 charger, a small LED light on it also turns on when it is charging. It is usually an orange/red color when charging and turns green once the Mac is fully charged.

Final Thoughts

There are some easy fixes to get your computer charging up again. If you ran through all the troubleshooting steps here and still didn’t find the reason for your problem, try looking at Apple’s Troubleshooting tips for this problem.

They list a few more technical reasons as to why this could be occurring. If none of those tips help either, you might just have to order a new charging cord.

Has your MacBook Pro’s battery charger ever stopped working? How did you fix it?

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