How to Make MacBook Pro Faster

If you have a high-end laptop computer like a MacBook Pro, you expect high-end performance. These computers are built to handle multiple tasks at once and have to ability to process demanding tasks quickly and effectively. A slow MacBook Pro can seem like a car that is running out of fuel, you know it should be moving fast but something is bogging it down.

Luckily, if you want your MacBook Pro to be faster overall, there are some things you can do either before you make your purchase or once you have the computer, to speed things up. A faster MacBook can help accomplish important tasks, enjoy your favorite entertainment seamlessly, and provide a better overall experience.

Benefits of a Faster MacBook Pro

A faster MacBook Pro is going to be able to handle normal computer tasks more quickly and will also allow you to handle more demanding tasks at a higher level. On a basic level, an increase in speed will give you the ability to keep more windows and tabs open in your browser so you can load multiple web pages at the same time without the others crashing. A faster laptop also means that you can run multiple apps at the same time at full speed.

For more intense and demanding computing needs, a faster MacBook Pro is also a benefit. Increased speed translates directly into an increase in the performance and capabilities of your computer. With a faster MacBook Pro you will be able to take advantage of increased processing which is perfect if you use high-end editing software for music, video, or any other purchase that demands high CPU.

An increase in speed will give you the ability to see advanced graphics on your screen. If you use any software designed for Macs such as Logic Pro X, Adobe Photoshop, or Final Cut Pro, you will see an immediate increase in the function of these great programs with a faster computer.

Basically, if you use your Mac for video editing or similar demanding reasons, you will benefit from a faster machine.

How to Make MacBook Pro Faster Before Buying

There are multiple speed options that you can choose from when purchasing your MacBook Pro. Faster performance comes with a cost, but it is definitely worth it if you have the need for a fast machine.

An easy way to make your MacBook Pro faster from the get-go is to increase the memory of the machine. It’s important to know that most newer MacBook models will not allow you to increase memory after you have made the purchase so it must be done when you order the computer. The new MacBook Pro models offer up to 32GB memories which, if you decide to get that much memory, can really make your computer fast!

The internal processor of your MacBook Pro also has a lot to do with how fast your computer will be. The newest models offer up to an 8-core Intel processor with as high as a 5.0GHz turbo boost. This is for the most expensive version of the MacBook Pro and will be a really fast machine. Apple also offers multiple options that aren’t quite this fast (but still are pretty fast!), with smaller processors and turbo boosts to match your needs and budget.

The main things to consider when purchasing your MacBook Pro for speed are the memory, number of cores in the processor, and level of turbo boost. For all of these considerations, the higher the number, the faster the computer will be.

How to Make MacBook Pro Faster After Buying

If you have an older model MacBook Pro or have purchased a new one and want it to be faster, there are still some things you can do to speed up the machine. In general, older machines are going to be slower but trying a few of these tips can get your MacBook Pro back near the speeds it was when it was brand new.

1. Check Your Activity Monitor

Checking your Activity Monitor will give you a precise look at all of the programs and apps that are running on your MacBook Pro and how much of your computer’s operating power is being used by each. This diagnostic window monitors memory, energy, CPU, network and disk usage. In relation to speed, CPU is very important so if a program or app you are not actively using is eating up a lot of CPU, go ahead and close it.

To access the Activity Monitor go to the Finder in your Dock, click on Applications then on Utilities. In this window, you will see the Activity Monitor. Double click the Activity Monitor and a window like this will appear where you can manage apps and programs.

2. Clean Up Your Desktop

Another thing you can do to speed up your MacBook Pro is to clean up your desktop. By putting icons in folders instead of having them each on the desktop screen individually, it can save RAM which will speed up your computer. Once you have organized your desktop, restart the computer to notice the change in speed.

3. Uninstall Any Unused Apps

If your computer has a bunch of apps on it, it can slow things down significantly. Go through all of your apps and delete and uninstall any of them that you do not use. You can always download them again later if you really need them. Apps can take up a lot of storage and memory which will slow down your machine.

Final Thoughts

If you want your MacBook Pro to stay fast, keep track of how you use it and take a good look at the tips above to help you if it starts running slowly. Making a few upgrades when you purchase the computer can help increase significantly as well.

Do you have any tricks to speed up your MacBook Pro?

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