How to Replace MacBook Pro Battery

Just like most electronic devices, a MacBook Pro is powered by a battery.

And just like every other kind of battery, the type found in your computer will eventually wear out and you’ll need to get a new one. Luckily, when your battery wears out on your computer, you don’t have to buy an entirely new machine and can just replace the battery instead.

Some people seem to panic if they have to replace the parts of a machine. Similar to a car, intimidating tasks and projects are really not all that bad once you know the steps to fix things up yourself.

While you can always take your MacBook Pro into an Apple Store location or other computer shops to replace the battery, it’s actually not all that difficult to do yourself.

How Long Does a MacBook Pro Battery Last?

You might never have to worry about replacing the battery in your MacBook Pro depending on how often you use it and some other factors that affect the life of the battery.

A lot of us who hang on to a laptop for years will eventually need to replace the battery unless you want to spend the money on a new computer altogether.

Most MacBook Pro batteries are good for anywhere from 300 to 1000 recharge cycles. This basically means that your MacBook Pro battery can be fully charged up and then run all the way out of power 300 to 1000 times before it needs to be replaced. Some batteries can last longer than this but this is a good average to expect.

To understand more about your computer’s battery overall including how it operates and how to go about dealing with any issues that come up, you should check out Apple’s support page on the subject.

How to Check if You Need a New Battery

There are a few quick and easy ways to check the health of your battery to help you determine if you might need a new one.

The easiest way to check is to simply hold down the Option key while clicking on the battery icon on the toolbar on the top of your computer screen. Doing this will bring up a display that shows you the status of the battery with several different status options that include: Service Battery, Replace Now, Replace Soon, and Normal.

Another way is to click on the Apple icon on the top left-hand corner of your screen, then click About This Mac. From here, click System Report and then Power. This will give you a full assessment of your batteries condition as well.

How to Replace MacBook Pro Battery

If you want to go the easy route, take your MacBook Pro to an Apple Store or other computer shop and let an expert do the job for you.

This option is obviously going to be more expensive but you know the job will get done correctly and you have the peace of mind that someone is taking apart your expensive computer who should know what they are doing and have replaced plenty of batteries in the past.

This job should only take 10 minutes or so with someone who has the right tools and experience but depending on how busy the store is where you take your computer, you might have to leave it with them for a day or two to complete the replacement.

If you want to replace the battery yourself, it’s really not that hard but you should learn the process and have all of the right tools before you get started. They have battery kits available for almost every MacBook Pro and also offer in-depth instructions that really help with the process.

Buy the corresponding kit for your MacBook Pro if you want to replace the battery yourself.

Here are the basic steps to replacing the battery on your MacBook Pro.

  1. Turn off your computer and make sure it is completely powered down before getting started.
  2. Turn your computer upside down so the battery side is facing you and remove the screws that hold down the back cover. Use a tiny screwdriver here so as to not strip the screws.
  3. Take off the back cover of the computer.
  4. Begin to take the battery out slowly and carefully. First, unplug the battery cable from the motherboard and then remove the screws that hold the battery in place.
  5. Once the plug and screws are free, remove the battery from the computer.
  6. Fit the new battery in the place where the old one was.
  7. Put the screws back in to secure the battery and plug a new battery into the motherboard.
  8. Put the back cover back on the computer and screw the screws back in.
  9. Power on the computer and check to make sure that everything is working correctly.

Final Thoughts

Your MacBook Pro battery is a critical element to the overall function of your computer. Without a battery in good condition, your computer will not be able to operate at its full potential.

Paying attention to your batteries health is an easy way to keep your computer operating at its best in the long run.

It’s easy to get your battery changed either at a computer shop, such as the Apple store, or by doing it yourself.

Regardless of how you choose to replace your battery, you can easily check its condition to find out if a replacement is necessary.

Have you ever change your MacBook Pro battery yourself? Was it easy or difficult and do you have any tips for someone attempting to do it themselves?

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