2 Quick Ways to Find Out What Year Your MacBook Pro Is in 2023

what year is my macbook

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Apple has been making computers for decades.

They make some of the most reliable and high-quality laptops around and if you’re like me, you probably have more than one Apple device. The company first came out with the MacBook Pro in 2006 and it has been their high-end laptop line ever since then.

Over the last 16 years since they have been around, Apple has released many different versions of the MacBook Pro and if you’ve had yours for a while, you might not even know when it was made. There are several different reasons why you’d want to know the year of your MacBook Pro which we’ll look at shortly.

It’s really pretty easy to figure this out and shouldn’t take you long at all if you’re curious.

How to Find the Year of Your MacBook Pro

Figuring out what year your MacBook Pro was made is actually pretty easy and there are a few ways to go about it. Once you know the year and model information, you can find out how much your laptop might be worth and also know what software is compatible or not compatible with your machine.

Method 1

The first yet easiest way to find out what year your MacBook was made is to go to the Apple menu in the top left corner of your computer’s screen.

Click on the Apple icon and when the dropdown menu comes up, click on About This Mac. This is usually the first option in the menu so it is easy to find.

About This Mac

Once you click on this, you will see a screen appear that looks like this:

macbook pro year showing

This will tell you a bunch of different information about your Mac including the model number, operating system, processor, memory, graphics, and year. The year will be listed first right by the model number.

Method 2

Another way to find out the year of your MacBook Pro is by using the serial number located on the computer to figure it out.

The serial number is usually engraved on the bottom of your MacBook Pro. It can be pretty small but look closely, and you’ll see it. Either right down this number or take a picture of it for reference.

Once you find the serial number you can go to Apple’s Check Coverage page to figure out the year. Simply enter the serial number in the box on this page and follow the steps it provides.

After a few clicks, you should know what year your computer is and this page will even let you know if you have any coverage or protection left on it.

Why Does the Year of Your MacBook Pro Matter?

There are a few different reasons why you might want to find out how old your MacBook Pro is or what year it was produced. It’s not at all hard to figure out the year and we will go through the steps to figure out exactly what year it was made below, but first let’s look at why you might want to know the year.

First, you might just be curious. Similar to a car or other large item you purchase, knowing the year is simply a common part of ownership. Some people just like to know what year their purchases were made so they know that basic information and can reference it for any reason if needed.

Another reason could be that you are looking to update your computer, either by purchasing a newer one or updating the operating system.

If you are thinking of updating your entire computer to a new model, knowing the year of your old one might convince you to make the purchase or stop you from shelling out the cash for a few more years.

If your current MacBook Pro is 5 or more years old, you might want to consider an upgrade for the added features and benefits that newer technologies afford. A brand new Mac will usually be faster and have better performance in other ways as well.

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If you want to upgrade your MacBook to the newest macOS, the age of your laptop is an important consideration. Laptops made in the year 2013 or before are actually not compatible with the latest macOS. If you want to run that operating system and have an older model MacBook Pro, you’re going to need a newer one.

And still, another reason to know the year of your MacBook Pro is if you are considering selling it. You can either trade your MacBook in through Apple’s buyback program or sell it to a private party but either way, you need to know the year it was made to figure out how much it’s worth.

More recent years are worth more money both to trade-in or to sell to a private party and by figuring out what year yours is, you will have an idea of how much it’s worth.

Final Thoughts

The process of finding out what year your MacBook Pro was made is really easy. Follow the steps above and you’ll be able to figure it out in a matter of seconds. Regardless of if you want to sell your MacBook, make an upgrade, or are just curious, it’s good to know what year your MacBook was made.

What year was your MacBook Pro made? Are you considering any updates soon?

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