The Best Laptop Stand for MacBook Pro in 2021

How familiar is the feeling of cramped shoulders and strained eyes?

Although the MacBook Pro is a beautiful laptop, especially the latest models with a beautiful Touch Bar, using it can be a pain if you have to consistently view the screen from odd angles or contort yourself to find a useable position.

This is why elevating your MacBook Pro with a laptop stand is becoming more and more common these days.

Besides those with an extended display, having a MacBook stand will allow you to maintain better working posture for more productive and strain-free works. 

It can also help prevent machine overheating issues, and many models will give you extra space and help you clear clutter from your desk.

In this guide, we’ll cover the best MacBook Pro stands in several styles, and help you decide which is right for you.

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Do I Need a Laptop Stand?

It may sound fitting to actually place your beautiful Mac on a pedestal while you use it, but how do you know you actually need a stand for your MacBook Pro?

Well, here are a few possible reasons:

  • Your Mac is overheating due to laying flush with a table for extended periods of time.
  • You have eye, shoulder, neck, or back strain from poor posture while using your laptop.
  • Your desk is cluttered and needs more space for storage.
  • A laptop stand is useful for almost all regular Mac users because it helps you address or improve the issues mentioned above.

However, you probably don’t need it if you use your Mac mostly in uncommon locations such as on public transit where there is no flat surface to set it on. Otherwise, even infrequent utilization of stands will still be worth your money.

The Best Laptop Stand for MacBook Pro in 2021: Our Picks

Please note that the products listed below are our picked based on our personal preferences. We do not intend to rank them in this order. The vertical stand we recommend is listed in the fourth position.

1. Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand

This long-trusted stand is sturdy and very stable. mStand lifts your Mac laptop almost six inches and tilts to have it as close as possible even at a greater height.

The stand also provides good wire management with a 2 inches diameter hole at the back that allows you to keep your cables tight and neatly. Additionally, mStand is one of the best options for those of you who also use an external monitor for your Mac.


  • Good lift, extremely solid and sturdy design.
  • Space underneath can be used for storage of external keyboards, mice, or books.


  • Not portable, only limited to be used primarily at one location e.g. at an office.

2. Steklo MacBook Pro Stand

If you need just a little bit of slant to your MacBook Pro to help with posture and positioning, the X-Stand will be the best option to consider. It can help raise your notebook without dramatically altering the way you use it.

It’s small and discreet, and you won’t lose any desk space. Likewise, its portability which makes it ideal to carry along everywhere you go. 


  • Adjustable for different laptop styles, good for airflow, portable.


  • Very little lift, and less sturdy than models with a solid, rectangular design.

3. Vogek Adjustable Laptop Stand

If you need something both sturdy and portable, this one from Vogek is definitely worth considering. It’s stable with the awesome silicone feet design. It’s convenient to carry as you can easily put it into a backpack after folding the legs.

Also, the sleek silver perfectly matches a typical MacBook Pro and will go well with colored models as well.


  • It has foldable legs (easy to carry) and a sturdy design that will limit rocking or leaning. Besides, you can adjust angles.


  • A bit heavy as it weighs about one pound.

4. Vogek Vertical Laptop Stand

Another great product from Vogek, though this one is a little different because it’s vertical (unlike the other three we recommended above). It’s a great option for those who are looking for a laptop storage since you’ll be connecting your MacBook with an external monitor and keyboard.

This vertical stand has an appealing minimalist design, and it can store your MacBook Pro safely and protect it from potential coffee spills. Plus, it has a very small footprint especially compared to the space it saves.


  • The sturdy design doesn’t risk tipping, save desk space, and it comes with several colors to match your personal preferences.


  • Still fairly close to desk level, posing risk for the laptop than a taller stand.

5. Rain Design 10032 mStand – Cheaper Alternative

This is a reliable and effective stand that has been a popular option among users of all types.

 It has a single-piece aluminum design that provides a stable surface for your laptop while also serving as a heat sink to keep your computer cool. 

A two-inch hole gives you easy cable management, which helps with organization. A height of 5.9-inches gives you an ideal viewing angle that is ergonomic but not adjustable. 


  • Solid aluminum design enhances stability and matches the finish of a MacBook
  • Well designed cable management hole for organization


  • Not a very portable option as its solid construction won’t fold down.  

6. Executive Laptop Solutions Aluminum Laptop Desk – Best Ergonomic Laptop Stand

If ergonomics is your top priority, this stand by Executive Office Solutions makes a great choice. 

It offers fully adjustable laptop viewing thanks to a collapsible design and rotating legs that give you the ability to fine-tune your adjustments whether you are sitting or standing.

It’s also collapsible and has a lightweight aluminum tray, so it is easy to bring with you from home to the office. A USB cooling fan is built right into the tray as well. 


  • Extremely adjustable while also being fully collapsible.  
  • Not slip rubber feet included 
  • USB-powered cooling fans built into the tray


  • Large profile takes up more space on a desk

7. SAIJI Laptop Bed Tray Desk – Best Laptop Stand for Bed

A laptop stand for your bed needs to have the perfect blend of comfort and function, and the SAIJI Bed Tray Desk does just that. 

It’s made of high-density PVC leather that provides good grip while also blending right in with bedroom decor. 

You can also take advantage of two auto-lock buttons to change the height to your preference easily. A small drawer for pens or cables is a nice additional feature on this option, as well. 


  • Sturdy design will keep everything in place on a softer surface while design touches cater to bedroom style. 
  • Folds down nicely when not in use. 


  • It can become a bit unstable at the tallest height setting.   

8. Nexstand Laptop Stand – Cheaper Option

If you want a very capable stand but don’t want to spend a ton of money, this option from Nexstand is a wise choice. 

It has a nearly universal fit that will easily accommodate any MacBook size and is a good choice for larger laptops. The stand also has seven different height settings allowing you to adjust from 5.5 to 12.6 inches of lift for your preferred viewing angle. 

Lightweight but strong, this is an excellent all-around choice. 


  • Nearly universal fit accommodates different sized MacBooks.
  • Wide range of height settings for customized viewing angles.


  • Clips are somewhat large and can get in the way when typing.

Buying a Laptop Stand for MacBook: What to Consider in 2021?


When you think of a stand for a computer, you may picture something which the computer rests on top of (aka, horizontal). But stands for storage (usually vertical ones) are also offered in the market, and typically hold your computer upright to save desk space while you aren’t using it.

So, consider your individual needs before deciding which type of stand to purchase.


You should also make sure the stand you choose support your using habits.

If you know you tend to put more pressure on the keyboard when typing than other users, or use your MacBook on an uneven surface, you’ll need to look for a more sturdy and versatile model than someone who types lightly at their desk.


If you primarily use your laptop at a single location such as home office, you may not be concerned about the portability of the item you choose.

But for those who travel a lot, have multiple offices, or otherwise use their MacBook Pros in a wide range of locations, the weight of a product becomes an important point to consider.


Though there aren’t many technical specs involved in choosing a stand, it’s best that you also make sure your favorite one supports your MacBook size (e.g. 13-inch, 15-inch, etc.).

While many are adjustable, some are not and may have weight limits or distinctly shaped frames meant for specific screen dimensions.


Do Laptop Stands Help Posture?

For those who work regularly on a laptop, having a stand will help you get to the right working posture. It reduces the risks of straining your neck and back because it elevates the screen to your eye level.

Without a stand, you would have to tilt your head downward to look at the screen. After a prolonged period, you would risk getting issues like neck and back pains.

Is It Bad To Tilt Your Laptop?

No, tiling your laptop to 45 degree angle or more is generally alright. Most laptops are designed to operate in any orientation. However, you should avoid tilting it with sudden force. 

Final Words

We recommend getting a stand to elevate your MacBook. You’ll have a cleaner desk and a safe place to keep your laptop even when you aren’t using it. It’s the sort of investment that will continue to benefit you even several years later.

Besides the size of your MacBook model, type and shape, and portability of the stand, there aren’t really many other technical specifications you should consider before selecting the best one to your shopping cart.

If you’ve made an order and while you’re waiting for the product to arrive, here are a few tips for reducing strain, and PCWorld also lists a number of tech habits to avoid making in general, all to help you get the most out of your MacBook Pro.

Anyway, buying a stand isn’t a complicated process, we hope the information in this guide has helped you make the right decision. If you have any questions along the way, leave a comment below or contact us.

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