How Much is My MacBook Pro Worth?

macbook pro value

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What your MacBook Pro is worth depends mainly on its age, condition, and how you sell it. Private sales usually get you more money than trading it in at a retailer or using Apple’s Buyback Program. 

But typically, you can get 40-65% of the price you paid for your MacBook Pro, assuming it is newish and in fair condition. 

I’m Jon, an Apple expert, and owner of a 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro. I’ve bought and sold many Macs and put together this guide to help you estimate the worth of yours. 

So let’s determine how much your MacBook Pro is actually worth.

MacBook Pro Worth – Factors to Consider

If you are trying to figure out how much your MacBook Pro is worth, several different factors come into play. 

There are two common ways to sell your MacBook Pro:

  • Apple’s Buyback Program 
  • A private sale 

Apple’s system makes it easy to trade in your current computer to upgrade or get a new device. But, a private party will most likely get you the highest dollar amount.

The physical condition of your MacBook Pro is one of the biggest factors in its overall value, whether that means a trade-in or a deal with a private party. If your computer is scratched, dented, beat up, missing keys, or has a cracked screen, it will not be worth as much.

That doesn’t mean it’s not worth anything but similar to how a car with dents and leaky oil is still worth something

Say you kept your MacBook Pro in excellent condition, and it’s like new. In that case, it will be worth more if you sell it. For example, I sold a newish MacBook Pro that was one generation old. It was in flawless condition, and I sold it closer to what I originally paid than I expected. 

MacBook Pro Trade-In Value

To find out how much your MacBook Pro is worth at trade-in, you will first want to check Apple’s Buyback Program. The main menu on this webpage will look like this:

Once on this menu, click the Mac heading, and a list of computers will appear. Click MacBook Pro and go to the next screen to figure out how much yours is worth.

Apple will ask you a few questions to determine the value. The first thing you’ll need to do is find the serial number of your MacBook Pro.

This number is in the Apple menu under the About This Mac button and engraved on the bottom. Enter this number, and you’ll move on to the following questions.

The web app will ask:

  • Does the computer turn on, and the operating system load?
  • Is the enclosure free from signs of warping and damage?
  • Is your Mac in good physical shape?
  • Will your power adapter be included in the trade-in?

To the best of your ability, answer all of these questions to get a quote for the trade-in value.

Once this total is generated, you can use that value towards purchasing a new computer, another device, or an Apple gift card.

MacBook Pro Private Party Value

Finding its value is a little different if you don’t want to trade in your MacBook Pro and want to sell it yourself instead.

Even though you can usually get more money than with Apple’s buyback program, keep in mind that you will need to take care of the entire process yourself. This could include shipping or meeting the potential buyer in person to make the sale.

To find its value, you will need to know what model MacBook Pro you have and some other key features of the computer.

Again, you’ll need to locate the serial number for your MacBook Pro first. You can then search through Apple with that serial number, which will give you the exact year and model of the MacBook Pro.

This is how you can describe the computer to potential buyers.

Next, determine your Macbook Pro’s key features, including: 

  • Processor
  • RAM
  • GPU
  • Version of macOS
  • Hard drive size (storage space) 

This information will allow buyers to search for your computer and let them know exactly what is for sale.

The exact price is up to you.

You could start high and negotiate down or run a search of similar used MacBook Pros and see what they are selling for used on sites like eBay, FaceBook Marketplace, or Craigslist in your area.

Final Thoughts

Your MacBook Pro can be worth anywhere from next to nothing to a few thousand dollars depending on the condition and model of the computer.

Apple’s trade-in program is an easy way to find out how much your MacBook Pro is worth but attempting to sell your used Mac to a private party is the best way to get the most money for it overall.

Follow the steps above if you want to trade in your MacBook Pro or give the open market a shot if you think you can get some more cash.

Either way, if your MacBook Pro is in good condition, you should be able to sell it.

How much do you think your MacBook Pro is worth?

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    Karen Stapp

    I have a Macbook Pro I bought in approx. 2012 and used it maybe one year as I could never get the hang of it and reverted back to my HP pc.

    When I took my Mac Book Pro to someone they were puzzled as to why the A,S, E, R & T buttons were almost unreadable. I have horrible luck do you have any idea?