Can you Play League of Legends on Mac: All You Need to Know

Play League of Legends on Mac

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There is quite a lot of confusion on the internet about whether you can play League of Legends on a Mac. But today, we are going to set the record straight that you can play the game on both older Intel and newer Apple Silicon Macs.

Part of the confusion is that the League of Legends (LOL Game) website does not indicate that it supports Apple hardware.

Fortunately, you can still play natively without needing any third-party applications, virtual operating systems or cloud gaming services. Below we will walk you through the entire process of installing League of Legends so you can start playing.

Can you Play League of Legends on Mac?

Can you Play League of Legends on Mac

You can play League of Legends on a Mac without a problem. This includes both newer M1 Macs as well as older ones that had Intel processors. All you need to do is download the Mac installer from the League of Legends website and follow the steps to install it. 

While you can play LOL (League of Legends) on a Mac, it’s not quite the same as on a PC. The game itself is identical, but the way you install it will not be, depending on the operating system and web browser. Once you download the application and launch the installer, the game will install automatically.

One the installation begins, you may notice it disappear, but don’t worry because it is working in the background.

If you are using a newer Apple Silicon Mac, then you will need Rosetta, which is an Apple application. If you aren’t familiar, Rosetta makes programs designed to work with Intel Mac compatible with newer Silicon ones.

If Rosetta isn’t already installed on your computer, it will be automatically added when you install League of Legends. The good news is that you will not need to do anything in order to make it work properly.

However, you should know that some players are reporting problems with League of Legends crashing on 

How to Download and Play League of Legends on Mac

Now it’s time to download League of Legends and start playing it.

The game is free to play game and download, so you don’t have to worry about credit cards or payment information. Additionally, the game will work on most MacBooks, but it will struggle on older Macs.

Step 1: Go to the League of Legends Website

Go to the League of Legends Website

The first thing you need to do is go to the League of Legends website. It is very important that you download it from the official website.

While you can also download the installer from other websites, you always run a risk when downloading from an unofficial source. 

Step 2: Download Mac Installer

Download Mac Installer

Once on the download location page, you should see a button that says “Download for Mac” as long as you are on a Mac computer. Click on it to begin the download.

If you are on a PC, you can still download the Mac version by selecting “Download Mac Installer,” then transfer the downloaded files to your Mac.

Step 3: Launch Application

Launch Application

Now that you have the League of Legends installer downloaded to your Mac, it is time to launch it. Go into your downloads folder and click on the newly downloaded application, then click on install to begin the process.

Step 4: Complete Installation

Complete Installation

The installation should proceed automatically unless you choose advanced settings, which allow you to select where the game is installed to. Once complete, you will need to set up a Riot Games account in order to start playing.

Step 5: Start Playing

Start Playing

After League of Legends is finished installing and you’ve signed into your account, you can start playing. If you have any problems, then you should try uninstalling the game and reinstalling it.


League of Legends came out over ten years ago and took the online multiplayer world by storm. Today there are tons of popular battle royale video games, but League of Legends still remains one of the most popular. 

Unfortunately, the developers weren’t very quick to release a macOS version of the game. It ended up coming out several years after the PC version.

Not to mention, they still haven’t released a version that is specifically designed to take advantage of the processing power in newer M1 Macs

But what is surprising is just how well the game runs on Mac computers. PCs oftentimes struggle to run the game, especially with older graphics cards.

However, MacBooks can easily run them, and the graphics are fantastic. Although many Mac users do not consider Mac to be gaming computers, League of Legends certainly proves otherwise.

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