How to Turn on Your MacBook Pro – Detailed Guide

How to Turn on Your MacBook Pro

Sometimes the simplest of tasks can be more difficult than expected. While turning on a MacBook Pro is a straightforward process, there are a few nuances and alternative methods to be aware of. To turn on your MacBook Pro, firmly press and release the power button in the top right corner of your keyboard. Hello, […]

How to Add Fingerprint to MacBook Pro

How to Add Fingerprint to MacBook Pro (1)

Using biometrics for authentication creates a smoother computing experience on your MacBook Pro. For MacBooks that support Touch ID, recording and storing your fingerprint is easy. To add a fingerprint to your MacBook Pro, Open System Preferences (System Settings on macOS Ventura and above) and click on Touch ID. Enter your login password and then […]

How to Run Diagnostics on MacBook Pro

Even the best-engineered devices can malfunction. If you suspect your MacBook Pro might have hardware problems, running Apple Diagnostics on it can be worthwhile. To run diagnostics on your MacBook Pro, shut down the computer, press and hold the power button until your startup options appear, then press command + D on the keyboard. The […]

How to Connect USB Devices to Your MacBook Pro

Connect USB Devices to Your MacBook

USB-C ports replaced traditional USB-A on modern MacBooks. Simple USB-A to USB-C adapters easily connect printers, flash drives, and other standard USB devices to your MacBook Pro. But how to do this? Let us explain in detail. Key Takeaways: How to Connect USB Devices to Your MacBook Pro The easiest and cheapest way to connect […]

How To Connect Two Monitors To Your MacBook Pro

How To Connect Two Monitors To Your MacBook Pro-33

Very few things can boost your productivity the way that adding a second monitor to your MacBook Pro can. You can use the HDMI or Thunderbolt (over USB-C) ports to connect dual monitors to your MacBook Pro.  I’ve helped many people configure external monitor setups with their MacBooks, and in this will help you understand […]

How to Unblock Pop-Ups on Your Mac

Unblock Pop-Ups on Your Mac

Pop-ups can be a major drag when surfing the Internet. You just want to read the latest news or Mac advice without being inundated with unexpected windows. Nevertheless, some websites don’t function properly without pop-up windows enabled. So how do you unblock these windows in macOS? If you’re using Apple’s native browser, Safari, you must […]

MacBook Pro Keeps Disconnecting from Wi-Fi: 10 Possible Causes & Fixes

MacBook Pro Keeps Disconnecting from Wi-Fi

Explore 10 reasons behind MacBook Pro Wi-Fi issues, from interference to hardware glitches. Get step-by-step fixes to restore stable connections before facing another frustrating disconnect. Keep reading to stay connected! Key Takeaways: Why Does My MacBook Keep Disconnecting from Wi-Fi? There can be several reasons why your MacBook keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. Here are some […]

The Best Ad Blockers for Safari on macOS

Browsing the web these days can be a harrowing experience. You just want to read up on the latest sports news or watch last night’s Saturday Night Live skits, but instead, you’re bombarded with relentless ads hawking hotel bookings, clothing, automobiles, or worse. Sometimes the ads are embarrassing or cover the content you’re trying to […]

How to Use an iMac as a Monitor For MacBook Pro in 2024

Use an iMac as a Monitor

Unlock extra screen space for your MacBook Pro by repurposing an unused iMac display as a second monitor. With macOS 12 Monterey’s AirPlay feature or the older target display mode, maximize your setup. Follow my guide for seamless integration. Key Takeaways: Use Your iMac as a Monitor with AirPlay to Mac Requirements Instructions 1. Enable […]

Is 8GB RAM Enough for MacBook Pro?

Is 8GB RAM Enough for the MacBook Pro?

Apple’s 2020 M1-powered MacBook Pro surprised its consumers with a base model having 8GB RAM, sparking debate on its adequacy for a “Pro” device. Despite Apple’s confidence, is 8GB truly enough? Let’s discuss who this works for and for whom it can be an issue. Key Takeaways: Will 8GB RAM be Enough for a MacBook […]

How to Record Your MacBook Screen [With & Without QuickTime]

You may have mastered the screenshot, but have you ever recorded your screen? Whether you need to show IT that weird glitch on your Mac, demo software for your YouTube channel, record a presentation for later, or show off your mad Roblox skills, screen recording on your MacBook Pro can be incredibly useful. So how […]

How to Clean MacBook Screen [Detailed Guide]

If you’ve had your MacBook Pro for more than a few days, your screen is probably dirty. No judgment; it happens to us too! No matter how careful you are, dust, fingerprints, and other grime find a way to stick to your beautiful display. If you’re anything like me, though, you might be wary about […]

Is CleanMyMac X Really Safe?

Whether you’re running out of disk space or simply want to ensure you keep your Mac running smoothly, you might wonder if the software called CleanMyMac X is a good option. Is the program safe? Yes, CleanMyMac X is safe, and there are many reasons why.  As a former Mac administrator, I’ll give you five […]

What To Do When You Spill Water On Your MacBook Pro (But It Still Works)

Few things can give you a sinking feeling like spilling water on your MacBook Pro. While liquid damage accounts for a significant percentage of MacBook Pro repairs, it can still leave you panicking. Knowing how to handle the situation can be the difference between saving your device and losing it for good. In this comprehensive […]

How to Enable and Allow Cookies on Your Macbook Pro

Allow Cookies on Your Macbook Pro

If a website or web-based application isn’t working properly on your MacBook Pro, these sites might ask you to enable and allow cookies. But how in the world do you do that? To enable and allow cookies on your MacBook in Safari, go to “Preference (Settings on macOS Ventura and above),” then “Privacy,” and uncheck […]

Is MacBook Pro Good for Programming?

Is MacBook Pro good for programming? While this question seems straightforward, its subjective nature renders a simple yes or no impossible. Is the device good? Of course, a MacBook Pro is an impressive display of engineering. But can the MacBook Pro function as your primary laptop for programming? Is it the best option for programming? […]

How And Where To Sell Your MacBook Pro For The Most Cash

Sell Your MacBook Pro For The Most Cash

​​Technology advances rapidly, making computers obsolete. Moore’s Law shows what was once state-of-the-art is now outdated. Upgrading MacBook Pros is common. If you’ve upgraded or plan to, consider selling to offset costs. This article explores five platforms for selling Macs and offers pre-sale tips. Let’s begin! Key Takeaways: Where To Sell Your MacBook Pro For […]

How To Tell If Your Mac Has Been Remotely Accessed

How To Tell If Your Mac Has Been Remotely Accessed

Has your Mac been acting odd? Check Remote Login, system activity, and new apps to see if someone’s accessed it remotely. Learn the signs and stop unwanted access to your device. Key Takeaways: How To Tell If Your Mac Has Been Remotely Accessed Start by checking your camera to see if the light is on. […]

How to Connect a Dell Monitor to Your MacBook Pro

How to Connect a Dell Monitor to Your MacBook Pro

Expand your MacBook Pro’s screen using a Dell monitor for increased workspace and productivity. Learn three ways to connect them, maximizing your MacBook’s potential. Unlock new possibilities with an external Dell monitor! Key Takeaways: Can You Use a Dell Monitor With a Mac? Of course! You can use a Dell monitor with a Mac. Mac […]

Is MacBook Pro Good for Gaming? [Detailed Answer]

Are you looking for a new gaming rig and wondering if Apple’s MacBook Pro will suit your needs? You might want to look elsewhere. As a Mac admin, ex-certified Apple technician, and an everyday MacBook Pro user, I know the ins and outs of macOS and Macintosh hardware. In this article, we’ll look at why […]