Best Macintosh Strategy Games to Play in 2024

Best Macintosh Strategy Games

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Get ready to command armies, build empires, and dictate the course of civilization itself, right from your Mac.

In 2023, Macintosh has a rich array of strategy games designed to challenge your tactical prowess and strategic thinking. From real-time wars to turn-based diplomacy, this article offers an inside look at the best Macintosh strategy games to feed your tactical cravings.

Among the top contenders, Civilization 6 holds a special place. With its deep diplomacy mechanics, sprawling tech tree, and complex economic systems, it offers a grand-scale strategy experience that is truly unparalleled.

Let’s see what else we have in store.

Best Macintosh Strategy Games to Play in 2024

1. Civilization 6

Civilization 6

Civilization 6, developed by Firaxis Games, is a rich, complex, and engrossing turn-based strategy game that transcends the boundaries of traditional gaming to introduce elements of historical, cultural, and political strategy.

Civilization 6 follows a turn-based strategy model, providing ample time to think and plan your next move. The game includes a multitude of civilizations from various historical periods, promoting an engaging learning experience.

A wealth of tactical and strategic options keeps the gameplay engaging and unique. With its expansive tech and civic trees, the game provides numerous paths to develop your civilization technologically and culturally.

The game offers single and multiplayer modes, so you can enjoy a solo game against AI or compete with friends in multiplayer mode. You can design and manage cities on a tile-based map, adding yet another layer of strategy to the game.

Civilization 6 is often referred to as one of the crown jewels of Macintosh strategy games, not just for its depth, but for the breadth of its gameplay mechanics. However, for gamers who favor fast-paced, real-time action, Civilization 6’s methodical pace and the time investment required may not fit the bill.


  • The depth of gameplay mechanics allows for highly strategic and personalized approaches to empire building
  • The game is well-balanced, and each civilization offers unique strengths and potential strategies
  • Rich graphics and engaging sound design create a captivating atmosphere


  • Some players might find the AI behavior lacking in challenge at lower difficulty settings

Civilization 6 is a strategic masterpiece, rich in historical detail and replete with strategic depth. Its thoughtful, engrossing gameplay makes it an ideal pick for those seeking a nuanced and challenging gaming experience. However, its complexity and pace might deter action-oriented gamers.

2. Divinity: Original Sin II

Divinity: Original Sin II

Divinity: Original Sin II is a masterclass in immersive, choice-driven storytelling and meticulous strategy mechanics. Developed by Larian Studios, this game successfully weaves a narrative of epic proportions with a deeply tactical combat system that will keep you constantly challenged and engrossed.

Whether choosing from one of the many pre-made characters, each with its unique backstory, or creating your own from scratch, the game offers vast customization options, allowing for deeply personal gameplay experiences.

Divinity: Original Sin II offers an intricate environmental interaction system, where elements like water, fire, poison, and ice can be manipulated strategically during battles, adding another layer of complexity.

The storyline and dialogue in Divinity: Original Sin II are robust and immersive. With multiple-choice dialogues, your decisions can significantly affect the storyline.

The game boasts an exceptional multiplayer co-op mode, enabling up to four players to play cooperatively, combining abilities and strategies to conquer challenges. The game implements a sophisticated turn-based combat system, rewarding strategic thinking and offering many ways to overcome enemies.

Despite its grandeur, Original Sin II may not be for the faint-hearted or those looking for a casual gaming experience, as it necessitates a considerable time investment and an unflinching commitment to master its complexities.


  • Exceptional world-building with rich lore
  • Deeply strategic and rewarding combat system
  • Unparalleled freedom in character development and decision-making


  • Some may find the combat too slow due to its turn-based nature

Divinity: Original Sin II is a gem in the realm of Macintosh strategy games, combining vast character customization, dynamic world interaction, and an immersive narrative that shifts with player choices. While its complexity and time commitment may daunt some, its rich, rewarding gameplay makes it a must-play for any strategy aficionado.

3. Stellar Commanders

Stellar Commanders

Stellar Commanders is a top-tier strategy game that should undoubtedly make it to your list of best Macintosh strategy games to play in 2024. This immersive title combines deep strategic gameplay, stunning visuals, and engaging mechanics to keep you hooked for hours.

Stellar Commanders offers a rich and complex strategic experience, allowing you to plan and execute your moves meticulously. The game rewards thoughtful decision-making and tactical prowess, making it ideal for strategy enthusiasts.

The game boasts breathtaking visuals that bring the vastness of space and the intensity of battles to life. Each planet, spaceship, and celestial object is beautifully rendered, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

You can choose from multiple factions, each with unique strengths and abilities. This adds depth to the gameplay and encourages different playstyles, ensuring a fresh experience with every faction.

Stellar Commanders shines in its multiplayer mode, where players can face off against friends or challenge other commanders from around the world.

The developers are actively engaged with the community, providing frequent updates, balancing changes, and new content. This commitment ensures the game stays fresh and evolves with its player base.


  • Engaging and immersive gameplay
  • Visually stunning graphics
  • Diverse factions for varied strategies and thrilling multiplayer battles


Stellar Commanders is an exceptional strategy game that captivates players with its deep gameplay, awe-inspiring visuals, and dynamic multiplayer mode. While it may not be the best choice for beginners or Macs with lower specifications, strategy enthusiasts and those with more powerful machines will find this galactic conquest experience truly rewarding.

For in-depth insights on flight simulator games, we have a dedicated article that all enthusiasts should read to enhance their virtual flying experience.

4. Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings 3

In the world of grand strategy games, Crusader Kings 3 has emerged as an absolute monarch. Developed by Paradox Interactive, this role-playing game offers a richly detailed historical sandbox where players can rule over a medieval dynasty from 867 to 1453.

Every character in Crusader Kings 3 has their own unique personality traits, skills, and life goals, creating complex interactions and personal drama. You can lead your dynasty through generations, ensuring the inheritance and continuation of your lineage.

The game covers a wide geographical area from Europe to India, allowing exploration of numerous cultures and religions. It also offers engaging warfare opportunities where you can plan your military campaigns, engage in diplomatic maneuvers, and use spies to ensure your victory.

You can also experience historically accurate events and make decisions that will shape the course of history.

The game has a robust modding community, enhancing replayability with new scenarios, gameplay mechanics, and historical periods.

Its deep complexity, stunning historical accuracy, and captivating narrative potential make it an unmissable experience for strategy enthusiasts. However, the game’s steep learning curve and time-consuming gameplay may deter casual gamers or those looking for a quick, easy playthrough.


  • Significant replay value due to the random nature of many game events
  • Extensive modding support for even more personalized gameplay
  • Beautiful graphics and accurate historical portrayal


  • Occasional bugs and AI issues

Crusader Kings 3 is a grand strategy masterpiece that puts character-driven stories at the forefront of a deep, complex gameplay experience. However, its intricate mechanics and time-intensive nature might overwhelm casual players and those with limited gaming time.

5. Starcraft 2

StarCraft II

The title that redefined the real-time strategy (RTS) genre, StarCraft II, released by Blizzard Entertainment, is an absolute must-play for any strategy enthusiast. With its diverse factions, complex mechanics, and deep strategic depth, it offers a rich and satisfying experience for new and seasoned gamers.

StarCraft II features three distinct races – the technologically advanced Terrans, the psionic Protoss, and the fast-breeding Zerg – each with unique units and strategies. This diversity encourages varied gameplay and promotes strategic thinking.

Each faction features its own immersive, story-driven campaign, rich in lore and character development. These solo campaigns are perfect for players looking to delve into the narrative side of the game.

The game offers multiplayer modes, including competitive ladder matches, co-op missions, and custom games. As of 2017, the Wings of Liberty campaign and multiplayer ladder became free to play, making the game highly accessible.

StarCraft II’s multiplayer scene is highly competitive, offering a robust matchmaking system that suits various player skill levels. It is also well known in the e-sports world, providing thrilling professional matches that showcase high-level strategy and micro-management.

However, its steep learning curve and intense micro-management requirements may make it a less suitable option for players looking for a more casual or relaxing gaming experience.


  • High replay value with diverse factions and multiple modes
  • An engaging story spread across three campaigns
  • Free-to-play aspect increases accessibility


  • High micro-management can be overwhelming for some players

StarCraft II is a masterpiece in the RTS genre, boasting diverse factions, immersive campaigns, and a competitive multiplayer scene. Although its complexity and demand for micro-management might be daunting for some, the depth and richness of its gameplay are undeniably rewarding.

6. Total War: Warhammer 3

Total War: Warhammer 3

Total War: Warhammer 3 is an incredibly detailed and immersive turn-based strategy game with real-time tactical battles developed by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA. It is a compelling fusion of the captivating Warhammer fantasy world with the critically acclaimed Total War series, making it an irresistible title for any strategy game fan.

With its massive fantasy battles, you can lead your chosen faction’s armies into grand, visually spectacular real-time battles. Every encounter can involve thousands of units, each with its abilities, making each battle a unique challenge.

You can manage your empire’s resources, diplomacy, and territorial control on a sprawling turn-based campaign map, balancing war efforts with a long-term strategy.

You can engage in cooperative and competitive multiplayer, allowing for shared or rivalrous experiences with friends. Besides, the game offers expansive DLC and free-LC content. Its regularly updated content, paid and free, keeps the game fresh and engaging over a long period.

This game offers a deeply strategic campaign and thrilling, large-scale battles with stunning visuals and a broad array of unique factions to control. However, its complexity and steep learning curve might not be suitable for newbies and casual gamers.


  • The sheer scale and spectacle of the battles are unparalleled, offering a visually and tactically rich experience
  • Each faction is unique, providing varied gameplay experiences and replayability
  • The game offers a deep, strategic campaign map that challenges the player’s management and diplomatic skills


  • Some may find the game’s reliance on DLC for new content to be excessive

Total War: Warhammer 3 is an epic and immersive strategy game, blending grand-scale battles with intricate, long-term strategy. Though its complexity may deter casual gamers, its deep lore, varied factions, and visually stunning battles make it a standout title in Mac strategy games for 2023.

7. Spaceland


Spaceland is an engaging turn-based strategy game that catapults players into a vibrant, extraterrestrial realm where their wits and tactics are the keys to survival. This game is part of our list as it blends classic strategy elements with a sleek, modern design that provides hours of thought-provoking fun.

With its turn-based mechanics, Spaceland allows players to engage in a systematic and strategic pace that favors careful planning over hasty decisions. The game offers a roster of distinct characters with unique abilities and personalities, providing a rich, diverse gameplay experience.

The beautifully-rendered 3D environments in Spaceland are interactive, impacting the gameplay and strategy required to progress. In addition to gameplay, Spaceland delivers an interesting storyline with side quests and plot twists that keep players engaged.

Display your prowess in combat by engaging in shooting, kicking, and decimating enemy territories during battle. Equipped with the finest weaponry, including assault rifles, machine guns, plasma guns, grenade launchers, and an array of other advanced armaments, you will triumph over your adversaries.

Integral to gameplay, resource management requires players to balance their resources efficiently to keep their team alive and capable.

It is recommended for those who enjoy strategy games emphasizing tactical decision-making and resource management. However, it may not be ideal for those who prefer fast-paced, action-oriented games or do not enjoy sci-fi themes.


  • Beautiful graphics and immersive game world
  • Character diversity adds complexity to gameplay
  • Well-constructed storyline that keeps players invested


  • Some may find the resource management aspect challenging

Spaceland masterfully weaves turn-based strategy with an engaging narrative and diverse characters set in a captivating sci-fi universe. Although the pace and resource management could be challenging for some, it’s a delight for those craving a thoughtful, immersive strategic experience.

8. Hearts of Iron 4

Hearts of Iron 4

Hearts of Iron 4, developed by Paradox Interactive, is a complex and immersive grand strategy game that thrives on its detailed World War II setting and broad player agency.

Its commitment to historical accuracy and a gameplay engine that fosters intriguing decision-making makes it a must-play for any genre fan. However, its intricate game mechanics and slow, strategic pacing might not be suitable for players seeking fast-paced action.

Whether leading one of the major powers or a small nation, you have significant freedom to shape the course of history.

The multiplayer option adds a competitive edge and a new layer of unpredictability, enhancing replayability. Moreover, the game has a robust modding community that offers a wealth of additional content, extending the game’s lifespan.

Hearts of Iron 4 places the entirety of World War II at your fingertips, allowing you to influence political, economic, and military decisions across the globe. The game boasts an impressively accurate portrayal of the period, from the geopolitical landscape to the military equipment used.


  • In-depth and complex strategy mechanics provide hours of engrossing gameplay
  • High replay value due to numerous potential paths and outcomes
  • Authentic World War II setting enhances immersion


  • Occasional AI inconsistencies can detract from the gameplay experience

Hearts of Iron 4 delivers a compelling and detailed World War II grand strategy experience, offering unparalleled depth and player agency. Though its complexity may be daunting to some, it is an unparalleled deep dive into history for strategy enthusiasts.

9. BattleTech


Set in a captivating, war-ridden universe in 3025, BattleTech stands out as a stellar turn-based strategy game, bringing engaging mech combat and in-depth management aspects to your Macintosh.

You can engage in immersive turn-based combat, strategizing and utilizing your mech units to overcome adversaries. You can also manage resources, maintain your mechs, and hire skilled mech pilots.

The storyline is immersive, where you can delve into a rich narrative set in the BattleTech Universe, revolving around a galaxy-wide conflict. There are different BattleMechs to choose from, each with unique capabilities and customizable loadouts. Moreover, you can experience a dynamic warfare system, where your decisions, battle tactics, and politics influence the game’s progression.

As you progress, your character’s experience will increase, granting you the power to inflict more devastating damage in future encounters. In BattleTech, you can strategically maneuver your robot, concealing yourself or closing in on the target for a more potent attack.

Meticulously designed, this game represents the thought and effort put into its creation. However, its complex tactical gameplay might not suit players seeking a more casual or less complicated gaming experience.


  • The game offers deep strategic elements and varied tactical options, encouraging player creativity
  • Detailed mech customization options cater to different player strategies and styles
  • A rich storyline immerses players, adding depth to the strategic gameplay


  • While comprehensive, the in-game tutorial could be more streamlined to better explain some of the game’s more intricate mechanics

Battletech is a well-crafted strategy game that rewards tactical brilliance with a compelling storyline and in-depth management system. However, its complexity and slower pace may not suit everyone’s gaming palate.

10. Hearthstone


Hearthstone, developed by Blizzard Entertainment, has cemented its place in the pantheon of digital collectible card games. With its immersive lore and vibrant graphics, Hearthstone draws players into a fantasy-filled strategic challenge, pairing tactical depth with fast-paced gameplay that is easy to grasp but difficult to master.

Heartstone offers an array of cards, each possessing unique abilities. You can collect and combine them to create powerful decks. There are multiple game modes to choose from, like Standard, Wild, Battlegrounds, Duels, Arena, etc, offering a diverse range of playstyles.

Hearthstone operates on a freemium model, where the base game is free, but you have the option to buy packs for more cards. It also supports cross-platform play, allowing Mac users to compete with players on other platforms.

Blizzard regularly releases new expansions that keep the game fresh with new cards and mechanics.

It’s accessible on various platforms, including Mac, making it a fantastic choice for Apple users. However, Hearthstone’s reliance on a combination of skill and luck may not appeal to gamers who prefer strategy games with a strictly deterministic outcome.


  • The large and ever-growing collection of cards allows for near-endless deck-building possibilities
  • Regular expansions and updates keep the game fresh and exciting
  • The polished art, animations, and sound design create an immersive gaming experience


  • While part of the game’s charm, the random elements can occasionally feel frustrating

Hearthstone is a rich and engaging digital collectible card game, offering deep strategic gameplay and a vast library of cards. Though it can be a bit challenging for newcomers and sometimes leans towards a ‘pay-to-win’ model, its consistent updates, varied game modes, and immersive world-building make it one of the best Macintosh strategy games in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play AAA games on MacBook?

Yes, you can play AAA games on a MacBook, although performance may vary based on hardware specs. Optimal gaming experiences often require advanced graphic cards and ample processing power, which some Mac models may lack. Check each game’s system requirements to ensure compatibility and performance.

Can my Mac run Hades?

Whether your Mac can run Hades depends on its system properties. But generally, Hades is available on Mac and can be played given your system meets the minimum requirements. However, for the latest compatibility and system requirement updates, you should refer to the game’s official website or the Apple Store.

Is Mac M1 good for gaming?

The Apple M1 chip provides solid performance for gaming, but it’s not specifically designed for high-end gaming. Some games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Rocket League will run well, but others, particularly AAA titles, might struggle or lack support. It’s crucial to check each game’s compatibility with the M1 architecture. As of 2021, game compatibility is improving.


In this article, we have explored an array of strategy games for Mac, each offering unique mechanics, thematic elements, and layers of strategic depth. These games, stretching across genres and styles, have brought immersive experiences to strategy game lovers.

However, among this impressive selection, one title stands out for its complexity, playability, and sheer scale – Civilization 6. It’s not just another entry in a long-standing series, but a distillation of what makes a strategy game truly engaging.

Its impressive combination of historical realism, intricate gameplay mechanics, and vast scope for strategic thinking make it a must-play game for any Mac strategy game enthusiast. Whether you’re a seasoned strategist or a newcomer to the genre, it’s a game that continually challenges and engages in a way that no other game does.

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