8 Best Flight Simulators for Mac in 2024

Best Flight Simulators for Mac

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Navigating the digital skies has never been more accessible, and this comprehensive guide explores the exciting world of best flight simulator for Mac.

Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or a casual gamer, these only flight sim offer varied experiences, from replicating real-life flight dynamics to indulging in arcade-style aerial combat.

One standout option is X-Plane 11, with its unparalleled realism, extensive range of aircraft, and immersive environment. It is the epitome of virtual aviation.

Let’s dive in to discover more about these amazing tools and find the one that’s right for you.

What Is a Flight Simulator and Do I Need One for My MacBook Pro?

A flight simulator is a software application that replicates the experience of flying an aircraft as realistically as possible. It is designed to provide a virtual environment where you can practice flying different types of aircraft, learn about their controls and operations, and experience various flight scenarios.

As for whether you need a flight simulator for your MacBook Pro, it depends on your interest and needs. A flight simulator can be a fun and educational tool if you are: 

  • An aviation enthusiast
  • A budding pilot
  • A simulation- game enthusiast 

But if you have no particular interest in flying or simulations, you might not get much use out of it.

It’s also worth noting that flight simulators can be quite demanding in terms of computing power, especially the ones that offer high levels of realism. They often require a powerful processor, a good amount of RAM, and a capable graphics card to run smoothly. So, make sure your MacBook Pro has the necessary hardware capabilities if you decide to get a flight sim.

Best Flight Simulators for MacBook: Top Picks

1. X-Plane 11

X-Plane 11

X-Plane 11 is an advanced flight simulator that takes virtual aviation to new heights, providing aviation enthusiasts with an immersive and realistic flying experience. However, its complexity may pose a challenge for beginners.

By simulating random system failures, the simulator adds an extra layer of challenge and realism, requiring pilots to think on their feet and make critical decisions. To enhance the immersion and realism even further, X-Plane 11 incorporates real-world weather data, such as wind, rain, fog, and storms, into its simulation, ensuring the virtual skies reflect the current weather conditions.

With the introduction of new apps, pilots can now customize their aircraft, tailoring every aspect of their virtual flying machines to their liking. X-Plane 11 offers an impressive scope of detailed terrain features, bringing the landscapes to life and adding depth to the visuals.

To further emphasize its global reach, X-Plane 11 boasts an extensive number of airports. With over 33,000 new airports, pilots have a wide array of departure and destination points to choose from.


  • Highly detailed and realistic graphics​
  • Wide range of aircraft and airport options​
  • Customizability of aircraft and simulation conditions​


  • High system requirements due to detailed graphics and comprehensive coverage

X-Plane 11 is easily one of the best flight simulator for Mac that offers an exceptionally realistic experience with advanced features, high-quality graphics, and a user-friendly interface. Its high level of detail and complexity, while appealing to enthusiasts, may be daunting for beginners.

2. Aerofly FS 4

Aerofly FS 4

Aerofly FS 4 is an exceptional flight simulator Mac offers for novice aviators and seasoned pilots. With its unparalleled attention to detail in aircraft models, interactive 3D cockpits, and meticulously coded systems, this simulator delivers an extraordinary next-generation flight simulation experience.

By incorporating intricate physics models, the simulator replicates the dynamics of flight with remarkable accuracy, enabling you to experience a truly lifelike sensation. Equipped with a user-friendly location map and a graphical route editor, the interface simplifies the process of charting your course.

Whether you wish to embark on a flight already in progress, simulate takeoffs and landings, or even begin from a parked position, this simulator grants you the flexibility to choose your preferred starting point.

While Aerofly FS 4 boasts an array of remarkable features, it may not fully satisfy those who specifically require high-resolution textures in certain regions. VR performance is down by approximately 20%, and some elements like airport lights have a short render distance in VR​.


  • Good cockpit modeling with realistic and clickable switches​
  • Authentic looking objects and scenery, including powerline masts and forests​
  • Stutter-free performance in VR at full resolution​


  • Texture resolution in some regions, such as the Canary Islands and Switzerland, is low​

Aerofly FS 4 stands out for its detailed interactive 3D cockpits, realistic flight physics, and smooth VR performance. It offers an overall excellent flight simulation experience but falls short in areas like weather simulation and texture resolution in certain regions.

3. FlightGear


FlightGear is an open-source flight simulator designed by skilled volunteers globally, which sets it apart as a true labor of passion and expertise. This simulator is an exceptional tool for aviation enthusiasts, researchers, academics, and individuals seeking a realistic flight experience.

FlightGear prides itself on its commitment to real-world accuracy, a crucial aspect of any flight simulator. The software meticulously models the time of day and positions of celestial bodies, aiming to replicate the actual sky conditions at any given moment.

Aircraft variety is another compelling aspect of FlightGear, catering to aviation enthusiasts with a passion for historical and contemporary aircraft. The simulator offers a vast collection of aircraft models, ranging from the humble 1903 Wright Flyer, which represents the birth of aviation, to cutting-edge modern fighter jets.

To further enhance immersion, FlightGear provides interactive, fully animated, and operational 3D cockpits. The interactive nature of these 3D cockpits allows you to manipulate switches, levers, and instruments to fully engage with the simulated aircraft.


  • completely free and open-source flight simulator, making it accessible to everyone​
  • Offers a realistic flight experience, with accurate aircraft controls and physics​
  • Supports a variety of aircraft, from commercial or fighter jets to light singles


  • Some mac users may find the controls too sensitive or challenging

FlightGear shines as a free, open-source flight simulator offering a broad range of aircraft and an immersive flight environment. Its realistic physics and controls might be a challenge for novices, and graphics could be better, but overall, it’s an excellent tool for enthusiasts and professionals alike​.

4. GeoFS


GeoFS is a one-of-a-kind flight simulator that operates directly through your web browser, offering an immersive experience with a global scope and real-time atmospheric conditions. It offers a free version that you can upgrade to a premium version at $11.22 annually.

By leveraging satellite images and digital geographic data from Google Earth, GeoFS lets you navigate the bustling streets of New York City to the serene and majestic landscapes of the Himalayas. It also features a live map that tracks the movements of all pilots, creating a dynamic atmosphere in the virtual skies.

To enhance the sense of realism and variety, GeoFS provides a diverse selection of 20 different aircrafts. Whether you prefer the nimble maneuverability of a small propeller plane or the sheer power of a commercial airliner, GeoFS has you covered.

In a surprising twist, GeoFS goes beyond the confines of Earth itself. It includes a feature that allows you to embark on interplanetary travel, enabling you to soar above the Moon and Mars using maps provided by NASA.


  • No need for a dedicated gaming system or a powerful computer
  • The option of exploring Earth, Moon, and Mars landscapes
  • Multiplayer functionality even in the free version


  • Graphics are not as fluid compared to other high-end simulators

GeoFS is a versatile and user-friendly flight simulator, perfect for those who value accessibility and community engagement over high-end graphics. With features like real-time atmospheric conditions, interplanetary travel, and a wide variety of aircrafts, GeoFS provides a rich and diverse flight simulation experience right from your web browser.

5. Sky Rogue

Sky Rogue

Sky Rogue is a captivating 3D combat flight simulator that will transport you back to the golden era of arcade gaming in the 1980s. Drawing heavy inspiration from those classic arcade games, Sky Rogue delivers a nostalgic experience that will leave you longing for more.

Sky Rogue’s simplified, arcade-style controls make it easy for you to handle the aircraft, allowing for quick and intuitive maneuvers. If you’re seeking a greater challenge or a more authentic experience, you can opt for more realistic controls to truly master the game.

In terms of combat, Sky Rogue offers a diverse range of weapon systems. From powerful missiles to rapid-fire machine guns, you have access to an arsenal of weaponry that adds strategic depth to the combat scenarios.

Sky Rogue also embraces roguelike gameplay, offering a series of 12 randomly-generated missions. With each playthrough, you can expect a different set of challenges and objectives, ensuring no two missions are alike. This dynamic nature of the game keeps the experience fresh and exciting, allowing for countless hours of replayability.


  • Captivating core gameplay with dynamic aerial combat scenarios​
  • Roguelike elements adding depth and unpredictability to missions​
  • Rewarding upgrade system encouraging strategic planning and skill improvement​


  • Permadeath can be frustrating, as progress is lost upon death​

Sky Rogue is a unique blend of nostalgic arcade and modern roguelike elements, offering engaging aerial combats and a rewarding progression system. However, it may not appeal to those who prefer precision over arcade-style controls or dislike the concept of permadeath.

6. War Thunder

War Thunder

War Thunder is a highly immersive and expansive cross-platform combat game that caters to the adventurous spirit of gamers who seek thrilling air, land, and sea battles. It fosters a vibrant and diverse gaming community, encouraging intense multiplayer experiences​.

One of the standout features of War Thunder is its vast array of vehicles, boasting a staggering selection of over 1,500 meticulously detailed aircraft, helicopters, tanks, warships, and other combat vehicles.

Boasting a collection of 80 well-crafted maps, from lush landscapes to war-torn urban settings, each map offers its own set of challenges and opportunities.

The game offers a wide range of engaging gameplay modes, including intense PvP missions that test your skills and tactics against real opponents. Alternatively, you can indulge in rich PvE experiences, such as dynamic historical campaigns, plane handling and solo missions, where you can engage with challenging AI-controlled enemies.


  • Boasts high-quality graphics, offering a highly immersive experience
  • Allows creating custom content for War Thunder and share it on War Thunder Live​
  • The developers maintain engagement through regular content updates​


  • The in-game economy can be complex and leaning towards a “pay-to-win” model​

War Thunder is a cross-platform combat game that offers a captivating blend of air, land, and sea battles. With its expansive vehicle selection, diverse map variety, engaging PvP and PvE content, and regular content updates, it provides a rich and immersive gaming experience for enthusiasts of historical warfare and combat simulations. However, it has received criticism for its game balance, economic model, and map design.

7. World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes is a multiplayer game that takes you into the thrilling realm of dogfighting, focusing on aircraft from the WW2 and Korean War eras. With its stunning graphics and captivating progression system, the game offers an immersive experience that strikes a balance between authenticity and accessibility.

Piloting a variety of aircrafts, you can engage in adrenaline-pumping aerial battles, showcasing your skills and tactical prowess. The game boasts an impressive array of aircrafts, each offering a unique and captivating gameplay experience.

Starting with Tier 1 aircraft from the late 1920s and early ’30s, you can gradually unlock new aircraft and upgrades as you accumulate XP. However, accessing a wide variety of aircraft may require a significant investment of time or money.

However, some players may be disappointed by the game’s simplicity or absence of certain iconic aircraft, which could limit their satisfaction with the available selection.


  • Beautiful graphics and stable matchmaking​
  • Intuitive controls with mouse and keyboard support
  • The progression system encourages variety and mastery of different aircraft​


  • The full World of Warplanes experience can be costly in terms of time and money

World of Warplanes offers a unique and accessible dogfighting experience with an engaging progression system and a variety of aircrafts. While it might not satisfy those seeking a more complex and tactical flight simulator, it remains an entertaining choice with beautiful graphics and intuitive controls.

8. Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders 2

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders 2

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders 2, originally a popular mobile game, has made its way to the Mac platform, delivering thrilling World War II air combat simulations right to your desktop. The game’s twelve-mission campaign takes you on a gripping journey from the infamous Pearl Harbor attack to the treacherous battlefields of the Western Front.

When it comes to aerial combat, Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders 2 delivers a serviceable experience with a light and arcade-like feel. The game offers three control schemes, including two simulation presets and one casual preset, to cater to different player preferences.

Additionally, the game offers the option to set up custom flying games with bots, providing players with the flexibility to enjoy multiplayer gameplay even when online opponents are scarce. 

While the game showcases intense dogfights and an impressive lineup of WWII aircraft, it falls short of providing a truly authentic and realistic simulation experience, which might disappoint hardcore simulation enthusiasts.


  • Online multiplayer mode for engaging dogfights with players worldwide
  • Ability to set up custom games with bots, ensuring multiplayer gameplay without online opponents
  • The detailed cockpit view lends a sense of place and detail, particularly impressive for a mobile-origin game​


  • The game may struggle to maintain a stable frame rate during hectic action sequences​

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders 2 offers an accessible taste of WWII air combat, with varied missions and historical battles. Despite its captivating cockpit view, the game’s mobile heritage is evident in its user interface, control scheme, and sound design.

Best Flight Simulators for MacBook: Factors to Consider

When considering the best flight simulator for Mac, there are several factors you should take into account. Here are some key considerations:

1. Compatibility

Compatibility is crucial when selecting a flight simulator for your Mac. Not all flight simulator are designed to work on every operating system version. It’s important to check the system requirements of the simulator you’re interested in to ensure it is compatible with your Mac’s operating system.

Verify if the simulator supports the macOS version you have installed, as well as any additional hardware requirements or dependencies.

Best Flight Simulators for Mac

2. Realism

Realism plays a significant role in creating an immersive flight simulation experience. Look for a flight simulator that strives for high levels of realism in various aspects. Graphics should be detailed, visually appealing, and capable of rendering realistic environments, weather effects, and lighting conditions.

The simulator should also incorporate accurate physics that replicate the behavior and performance of real aircraft. This includes realistic flight dynamics, aerodynamics, and engine simulations. The more authentic the simulation, the more it will feel like you’re actually flying.

3. Aircraft Selection

The variety and quality of aircraft available in the flight simulator can greatly enhance your experience. Look for a simulator that offers a wide range of aircraft types, including commercial airliners, general aviation planes, military fighter jets, and helicopters. A diverse selection allows you to explore different flying experiences and challenges.

Additionally, consider the level of detail and accuracy in the aircraft models and their respective cockpit systems. Simulators that offer highly realistic aircraft systems, avionics, and instrument panels can provide a more immersive and rewarding experience for aviation enthusiasts and aspiring pilots.

4. Scenery and Airports

The quality and attention to detail in the scenery and airports within the flight simulator contribute to the overall immersion.

Look for a simulator that provides high-quality visuals, realistic landscapes, and accurate representations of landmarks and airports. The scenery should include diverse terrain types, such as mountains, forests, cities, and bodies of water, to offer a varied and visually appealing flying environment.

Detailed airport models with accurate runway layouts, taxiways, signage, and ground services further enhance the realism. A flight simulator with visually stunning scenery can make your flights more enjoyable and realistic.

5. Multiplayer and Community

Consider whether the flight simulator offers multiplayer functionality if you enjoy social and collaborative experiences. Multiplayer features allow you to connect and fly with other virtual pilots, either with friends or within a larger community of aviation enthusiasts. This adds a social element to the simulation, enabling you to interact, communicate, and share your experiences with others.

Multiplayer environments may include shared cockpits, air traffic control interactions, or cooperative missions. Joining a community of like-minded individuals can enhance the enjoyment and learning opportunities within the flight school simulator, as you can exchange knowledge, participate in events, or even join virtual airlines.

By considering these factors, you can find a flight simulator for your Mac that aligns with your preferences and provides an enjoyable and immersive aviation experience.


Flight simulator can provide a unique, immersive, and educational experience for aviation enthusiasts, [even professional pilots use to play Flight Simulator a lot] and gamers alike, with a variety of options available for the MacBook Pro.

After reviewing a range of simulators, X-Plane 11 emerges as one of the best flight simulator pick for its detailed realism, customizability, and comprehensive global coverage, despite its high system requirements. Its real-world weather simulation, the potential for system failures, and over 33,000 airports worldwide are key factors contributing to its unparalleled realism and immersive experience.

While each simulator offers unique strengths and appeals to different user preferences, X-Plane 11’s overall functionality, attention to detail, and realism make it an outstanding choice for those seeking the most accurate flight simulation on a Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do flight simulators work on Mac?

Yes, flight simulators work on Mac. There are several flight simulator options compatible with Mac operating systems, including popular titles such as X-Plane and Aerofly FS 4. These simulators offer a realistic flying experience, allowing you to pilot various aircraft and explore different environments.

What games can I play on a Mac?

You can play a wide range of games on a Mac, including popular titles like Fortnite, Minecraft, Civilization VI, The Sims 4, Stardew Valley, Rocket League, and many more. Many game developers now release Mac versions alongside Windows versions, ensuring compatibility for macOS. Additionally, several gaming platforms like Steam offer a vast library of games compatible with Mac.

Does Steam work on Mac?

Yes, Steam works on Mac. Steam offers a vast collection of games across different genres and you can enjoy popular titles, indie games, and a range of other gaming experiences. You can download and install the Steam client on your computer to access and play a wide variety of games available on the platform.

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