How to Print on MacBook

There are many basic functions that every Mac computer has the capability of completing.

Whether it is basic internet browsing, word processing or playing music, any laptop should be able to handle these types of simple tasks and processes. Every different brand, model, and operating system may have a different procedure for completing these tasks, but they should all be easy to do.

Your MacBook is capable of handling much more than just these basics functions but can also do the simple stuff with ease. One very common task that everyone should know how to perform on a laptop is how to print.

You might need to print an important document and want to get a physical copy of an image for your scrapbook so knowing how to set up and troubleshoot the printing options on your MacBook is essential.

The Basics of Printing

Chances are, you are familiar with printing documents from a MacBook and have done this task many times before.

Just in case you happen to be brand new to MacBook ownership, I’ll walk through some basic printing information and advice before instructing you on how to actually print from your MacBook.

This is all common knowledge that is easy to find and to follow but it’s good to know these simple tasks for any printing you may wish to complete.

A good habit to get into before printing anything is to preview the document or file you are about to print. This will let you know exactly how the document will print onto a sheet of paper in case there are any differences in the application you are printing from and the actual finished product.

It is similar to spell-checking or proofing an email before you send it – you make sure there are no errors or mistakes before making it permanent.

To preview an image or document, you can open up the file in the Preview app which is included on every MacBook Pro. You can go to your Finder or Doc to open this app and once it is open, find the file you wish to preview and then take a look at it to make sure everything is in order and looks exactly how you want to be before moving forward in the printing process.

How to Print on MacBook

The actual process of printing is really easy and takes no time at all. First things, you need to connect and set up your printer to your MacBook (see our recommended Mac printers). The most common way that this connection takes place is through a USB cord running from the printer you are using directly to your Mac. Once this cord is plugged in, macOS should recognize the device and will find any needed software or drivers automatically.

Depending on your application that you are printing from, things might vary just a bit but the almost universal command to begin the printing process is:

Command P

You can also go to the menu at the top of the screen, click on File and then click on Print. Either way, you will enter into the printing settings menu where you can make changes to formatting and other aspects of the document before clicking on the final Print command. We will take a look at a few of those settings below but that is really all there is too it. Hit Command P or go to File and then Print, click Print in the printing settings and your document will start to print.

Wireless Printing Connections

It is becoming more common to have wireless printing connections between your MacBook Pro and a compatible printer. Wireless printing is basically the same as the above method except you don’t need to plug in a physical cable and you need to select the printer you wish to send the printing signal to. To do this simply:

  1. Hit Command P or click File and then Print.
  2. Select the wireless printer from the available printers in the dialog box.
  3. Click Print.

Print Settings

As I said before, you can adjust some different print settings before you print the final version of your document. Once you hit the print command, a dialogue box similar to this will appear:

You can see here that there are several different options in this box as well as a small preview of the document to be printed.

You can choose different options here like how many copies of the document you want, which color and layout options you prefer, page selection, and some other preferences that you may have for the document.

The dialogue box is specific to Microsoft Word but many other programs and apps have virtually the same options at this step.

In this print preview and settings menu, you can complete the final touches on your document before printing, allowing you to get everything just right before hitting the Print button on the bottom right.

If you happen to make a mistake and only notice once you’ve printed a page, it’s really no big deal, simply go back into your document and make any needed changes until you have everything set up exactly as you want it.

Final Thoughts

Printing is a basic task but it is a very common one that many of us use all of the time.

It is good to have a thorough understanding of all of these basic tasks that your MacBook Pro is capable of so you can complete things quickly and effectively on your own.

The basics to printing are simple but for troubleshooting an issue with your printer, you might need to seek out additional resources such as this.

What sort of documents do you usually print? Have you ever had difficulty printing?

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